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Lovrec Sustainable Viticulture

About twenty minutes northwest of Čakovec and an hour and twenty minutes north of Zagreb the rolling hills of Sveti Urban summon guests with their lovely views and delicious wines. Lovrec is a charming family winery in an ancestral manor, with a spirit of tradition and history. Located on the highest peak in the St. […]

Ptuj – the city of history and carnival

Ptuj – the city of history and carnival

Located in the northeastern part of Slovenia, Ptuj is Slovenia’s oldest town. About forty minutes south of Maribor, Ptuj is a lovely Slovenian town filled with rich history, activities, and great food. The first settlement in the area dates to the 4th millennium BC, and the city first flourished during the period of the Roman […]

Thermal Spa

Ensana Thermal Hévís Health Spa Hotel

Hévís Hungary has the largest thermal lake in the world. Rich in minerals this thermal lake has high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and hydrogen carbon contributing to the lake’s healing abilities. A thermal spa rests on top of the lake for inside and outside swimming options. Just two hours west of Budapest and ten minutes […]


Is an All-Inclusive Worth it?

Is an all-inclusive worth it? My opinion is no, an all-inclusive is not worth it, but it depends on what sort of traveler you are. I tried an all-inclusive with a business event in Jamaica years ago, then this time as a couple in Mexico. The Cancun Royalton Splash all-inclusive is a new hotel that […]


Cancun is Boring (Hotel Zone)

If you haven’t been to Cancun Mexico in the past twenty years, then you’re in for a shocker. The hotel zone once offered fun shops, bars, and inclusive restaurants along the strip of the hotel zone and had plenty to do at every corner. But now guests are relegated to their hotel or one of […]


Where in the World to go? Budapest

Budapest has recently become a very popular tourist spot for all age groups. The young love the party scene and loads of fun bars and breweries, families love the fun adventures including a cool zoo, and quirky tours and the old enjoy the easy-to-walk streets and relaxing in spa services throughout the city, of course, […]

rogaska slatina

Rogaška Slatina – a Healing Retreat with a 900-Year Legacy

Rogaška Slatina is a hidden gem in eastern Slovenia, it’s about thirty minutes southwest of Maribor and worth the trip. It’s a gorgeous town with stunning Secession style architecture and offers a lot. Its rich history is almost tangible at every corner of the town. Even the air you breathe is full of serenity and […]


Where to Stay in Lendava

Lendava is a charming eastern Slovenian town about forty-five minutes east of Maribor, not far from the borders of Hungary, Croatia, and Austria. Lendava has many tourist attractions including beautiful hills where the Lendava Vinarium tower stands above them, a zip line, hiking trails, and lovely views. The rolling hills are covered with vineyards and […]


Jeruzalem, Slovenia, and the Celebration of St Martin’s Day

According to legend, Jeruzalem was given its name by crusaders who stopped here along their journey to the Holy Land. When arriving in Jeruzalem they claimed they had already found a piece of heaven on Earth. Jeruzalem is a small settlement among rolling hills with endless vineyards and breathtaking panoramic views that will take your […]


Radovljica Slovenia

Radovljica is a quaint little town in the heart of the Gorenjska region. Even though Bled is just a quick ride away, Radovljica has much to offer as well. If you fancy a culturally, naturally, and historically rich destination for a vacation or just a quick trip from Ljubliana, or a fifteen-minute ride from Bled […]