My favorite things

USA Shops, some provide EU and UK alternatives: 
I always carry one of these otterboxes. I love to kayak, canoe, swim and explore around water. It protects the phone, IDs and money from getting wet while playing outside.

If you plan to hike, bike, or explore an area away from civilization pack a light little lifestraw to keep you from getting stuck without water.

If fire, or water this document protector will keep your papers safe. It’s not the cutest, but it works.

A first aid kit is important for all travel. It’s more than bandaids and headache medicine. It’s important to have a well packed kit and this one comes that way. I’ve had this kit since 2012. I repack it every two years to make sure everything is still active.

This water bottle does more than just give you a drink. It will filter your water while you’re out and about. In some places it’s a good idea to have.

When you’re in a new town, or exploring a mountain blisters are bound to show up. These are perfect to keep your feet protected so you can keep going.

Dry bags are great for packing clothes into a backpack for a quick hike, or an overnight stay.

A good outdoor shoe that’s also a watershoe

Keep warm without harming geese with this cozy easy to travel with coat.

Carabiners are great for carrying extra stuff, attaching a bag, never know, good to have one.

A waterproof hat you like

My favorite rain jacket

Rain Shoes that don’t take up too much space

Good way to get vitamins while on the road

GoPro Camera for active video and pictures

For allergies, or people who travel with pets.

Buying vitamins:

UK Shops Coffee and Tea

When traveling hair is sometimes on the bottom of the list of priorities. I have been using this hair turbine for years. I like it because it’s easier than a scarf and rolls up tiny.

Also, the same company has lovely hair ties I can’t get enough of.

I find it very easy to keep hair tidy during travel by using good shampoo.

I love this one:

When traveling something small can make a hotel room, or rental apartment feel more like home. I love how a candle can make every room smell like I’m home.