10 Things to Do in Krka National Park

10 Things to Do in Krka National Park

I’m sure that you have seen all the beautiful photos of the stunning waterfalls situated within the Krka National Park in Croatia! We all have and we have all dreamt of getting to see them personally. This Croatian waterfall national park is amazing.  If you’re finally ready to start planning your trip to this protected area, keep reading for 10 things to do in Krka National Park, as well as some tips about planning your trip!

Admire the Majestic Manojlovački Slap

With its remarkable 60 meters, Manojlovački slap is known as the Krka National Park’s tallest waterfall. The majestic water drop is truly spectacular, surrounded by isolated forest this waterfall is one of the most beautiful locations within the park. Due to its slightly remote location, it is often neglected by tourists, which means that it is a lot less crowded and you will be able to truly experience its beauty! In the past people swam here, but in 2021 the park has become a no swimming park. To see this waterfall, you must hold a ticket for the northern park which is a lot cheaper than the other two tickets. You can drive here, or take the park bus. There is parking alongside the road and the hike to the waterfall is about fifteen minutes, it’s easy down, but a bit steep on the way up.

Walk over the bridge and admire the area of Skradinski Buk

As a series of 17 cascades, Skradinski Buk is among the most popular tourist sites in Krka National Park. While, the area will make you fall in love immediately with the roaring waters and the spectacular 45-meter-tall falls, the water is so peaceful and refreshing that you would definitely want to go for a swim. We swam here in the past, but as of 2021 the swimming ban will come into effect. Take your suit anyway because this is a new ban and there may be an area downstream where swimming is still allowed. Read more about this area on my Skradin and Krka Post

Find Heaven on Earth at Roški Slap

If you want to sit under a waterfall then take the boat, or drive to Roški Slap where a restaurant will allow you to sit under the waterfall, it’s cold, but so refreshing. You can read more about this restaurant on my Roški Slap post. Widely referred to as the vast waterfall, Roški Slap is the second most popular tourist sight in Krka National Park. The waterfall is a series of tiny cascades, also called the necklace by the locals that make this place look like heaven on Earth! The water keeps bubbling for around 650 meters before it dips down straight into Visovac Lake and forms a beautiful 15-meter-tall waterfall over the lake! You may also swim in the lake at Roški Slap, there is no lifeguard so swim at your own risk.

Take a Boat Ride to the island of Visovac

Home to the 15th century Franciscan Monastery, the tiny island of Visovac is one of the must-see places in Krka National Park. Surrounded by the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Visovac Lake, the island is the perfect place to experience the tranquility and peacefulness of the preserved area. The boat ride to the island, while relatively short, is one of the top 10 things to do in Krka National Park.

Check the Hikes in Krka National Park

If you are a hiking enthusiast, you would be excited to know that Krka National Park also offers a wide range of hiking trails. Visitors will quickly find out that the easy paths and boardwalks are packed with tourists. Why not check out Pištavac trail, which would take you to the top of the cliffs and will present you not only with truly breathtaking scenery as you are following the narrow path, but also the real peace and quiet of Krka National Park where your only fellow travelers will be the park’s wildlife members.

Experience Krka National Park by Water

If you are seeking the adrenaline rush and you are looking for a unique way to experience Krka National Park, you might want to check the huge variety of water sports activities. From rafting down the Krka River to slowing down and kayaking down the Zrmanja River, there are numerous options to choose from.

Pay a Visit to Krka Monastery

Located by the bay of Krka River, you will be able to find one of the most spiritual places in Croatia. While the first traces of the monastery date back to the 15th century, beneath the ground visitors can explore the ancient Roman catacombs. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you will have to book an organized tour beforehand with a tour guide who will tell you all the little secrets of Krka Monastery. They have friendly cuddle donkeys who love to be pet. To get here you can drive, take the park bus, or take the boat from Roški Slap, the northern park ticket will include the monastery.

Explore the Hidden Oziđana Pećina Cave

One of the top 10 things to do in Krka National Park is to find the hidden Oziđana Pećina Cave. Visitors can find it above the popular necklace waterfalls at Roški slap. Right there on the top of the canyon, you will be able to explore the 59-meter-long tunnel, which has been holding artifacts of settlements dating back to 5000 BC. Keep your eyes open as it is also worth stopping by the viewpoint right next to the entrance, which offers a bird’s eye view of the waterfalls underneath. You can get here via park bus, or take the boat to Roški Slap and then walk up the hundreds of steps to the cave, the walk is much shorter if you opt for the bus, or driving there.

Rent a Bike at Krka National Park

If you are looking for a slightly different way of exploring Krka National Park, you might want to rent a bike and check out the park’s 500 km of biking routes. From difficult mountainous paths to easy, suitable for beginners’ routes, there are approximately 14 paths to choose from. The best part is that along the entire way you will be treated to the truly spectacular views of the waterfalls in the distance! Skradin has lots of bike rentals.

Stop by the Burnum Amphitheater

While everyone heads straight to the park’s stunning waterfalls, Krka National Park has a lot more to offer. One of the off-the-beaten-path spots, yet a place that will intrigue with its history is the ruins of the Roman camp Burnum. It is strongly believed that the amphitheater dates all the way back to the 1st century AD and once upon a time it could accommodate up to 8000 spectators at once.

How to Get to Krka National Park

One of the first questions that visitors ask is how to get to Krka National Park. While Šibenik is the nearest town to the park, Split is less than 90 km away, which makes Krka National Park a fantastic choice for a day trip from the second largest Croatian city. Visitors often decide to rent a car, however, Split also offers a direct bus route to the preserved area. Keep in mind, though, that Zagreb is over 200 km away from Krka National Park, so if this will be your starting point, you have to plan an overnight stay.

Staying Overnight

If you are planning on fully immersing yourself into the tranquility and quiet of Krka National Park, you would definitely want to plan an overnight stay. Unfortunately, you need to keep in mind that the accommodation options nearby are fairly limited. The 3-star Hotel Skradinski Buk would be your best choice due to its extremely close proximity to the park’s entrance. Book well in advance as the rooms are in high demand especially during the peak-season. Hotel Roški Slap is my go to because I love the quiet and sounds of the cascades which flow around the hotel. Unfortunately, Hotel Roški Slap has decided to close for summer 2021. Skradin and Primoštan are other options for charming little towns to stay in, they have direct boats to the park.

When to Visit Krka National Park

You might be tempted to plan your trip to Krka National Park in July or August. I strongly suggest against this, though, as these are the peak months, when tourists flock to Croatia. Choose the slightly less crowded months of May for views of endless greenery, or October for a colorful treat of warm yellow and red shades. If you decide to visit in spring do not forget to pack your raincoat as this is also the rainy season! If you are coming in July, or August then make sure to book everything in advance and come very early. You will stand in line if you don’t get to the park before 8am.

This park is one of my favorites. The ease of getting there from the coast, the cooler, crisp air in the summer months and the beauty are just some of the wonderful aspects of Krka. When you plan your trip to stay I would suggest three days is ideal, this gives you enough time to see it all at a relaxed pace.


Bring anything you might need

The closest stores will be some distance away. Skradin would be the closest, but it’s a charming little stone town with few shopping options.

Bring a water bottle

The monastery, Skradinski Buk and Roški have springs to fill up your water so bring a bottle to try their water.

Bring good walking shoes

this is a place you will be walking a lot. If you’re coming in the summer it’s packed with tourists! If you aren’t driving then will be waiting for busses and boats for connections to other parts of the park. There are trails that lead Skradinski Buk which is over an hour long especially if you get caught behind a group of people. Good comfortable shoes and some comfortable sandals to change into while relaxing will be ideal.

Book everything as far advance as you can.

 If you want to eat then make a reservation, if you want to stay then make a reservation. I know it’s so fun to be spontaneous, but this is not the place for it. I list a couple restaurants on my Roški Slap post.

Buy tickets

Get your tickets, get organized with what you want to see and how you will get around. In the summer months it’s busy so the more prepared the better the relaxing fun you can have. Check out Krka’s site.

Get up early

The lines to get on boats headed to Krka are long. Wake up early to see as much as the park as you can before the crowds make their way into the park.

There is a lot to see and do. I hope you have as much fun as I have had in the park. Be safe and enjoy your travels. Subscribe for more Croatian posts. Have a lovely day.