10 things sveti martin

10 Things to do in Sveti Martin na Muri (Winter)

A winter weekend in Sveti Martin na Muri is plenty of time to take in the beauty of Medimurje county’s wine region. Rolling hills are crowned with wineries and some of the most delicious restaurants. The Terme Sveti Martin pools and spa for a relaxing swim, or soak after a long day exploring awaits tired guests. Tourists flock to this area of northern Croatia for the wine, deer farm and beautiful wildlife areas. Jakopić the most famous of the wineries has some of the most beautiful landscapes.

The area is spread out, including walking paths where you can walk along the river, then drive, or ride up into the hills where backroads roads will keep you exploring for hours.

Top 10 Winter Activities

  1. The Terme Sveti Martin is fantastic for all ages, during the winter there are in-door activities, they have one large normal pool which is heated just enough to still be refreshing, a warm heated pool which leads outside where it loops to encourage swimming through the natural surroundings. Inside there are three large hot tubs with jets and a kiddie pool. Lockers and showers are provided, but towels are not included in the visit. Upstairs there is Lumbalis which provides physical therapies including acupuncture.

2. Drive, or ride up and down the hills where lovely cabins and amazing views await their visitors.

3. Eat some venison at Lovačka Kuća Perhoč

4. Explore wineries, there are so many and so many good wines to enjoy. Most of them are in the hills of Štrigova, Robadje, Grabrovnik, Rimščak and Sveti Urban have the most, but they are all over waiting to be found, Jakopić is the most famous winery in this region.

5. Mill on the Mura, walk along the river trails for about 4.5 kilometers total. The mill is lovely, during normal tourist times there is a boat for exploring the river Mura. There are two parking areas, but the main address is:

Marof, 40313, Žabnik

There is also a fun area for kids to run around and play and fishing areas with docks on the still waters where the river bowed.

6. Farma Jelena I Muflona, visit the deer and cool big horn sheep farm where free roaming sheep and deer can be watched in their enclosure which covers a half of the side of the hill. It’s a beautiful area and they are so cute!

Address: Jurovčak 57a

7. Buy some of the most delicious apples from the honor system vendors along the entrance to the hills in Brezovec.

8. Take a walk on the hill Kapelščak, the village has a lovely church and charming apartments and home rentals. The views from this village are just amazing. I love the sunrises from this hill.

09. Take a hike along one of the many hiking trails: Plešivica, Bukovec, Kapelščak and Vrhovljan, or in many other forest areas marked with a small red circle.

10. Hill of Maderka, drive, ride, or walk up the mountain to see a panoramic view of the entire region. You can see mountains of Varaždin to the south west, Slovenian mountains to the north and rolling hills of Sveti Martin below you. Sit in one of the sitting areas and relax as the comforting nature surrounds you. Take Instagramable pictures with the lovely props provided.