20 Belgrade Cafés That Will Change the Way You Think about Coffee

Coffee in Serbia is more than an obligatory routine reserved for a paper to go cup. Coffee in the Balkans is an enduring ritual. Café patrons enjoy taking it all in, they slowly drink their beverages while sitting for hours. I’m not sure how they drink all that coffee and not bounce off the walls, but they are more used to it than I am. I’m new to coffee drinking. I was raised in the coffee growing land of Central America, but I didn’t drink coffee until 2017 when I lived in Italy. Now that I’m in the Balkans I’ve learned that everything revolves around coffee. The phrase let’s get a coffee doesn’t literally mean drink coffee, it means let’s see each other. Before espresso, instant filters and other caffeine-based beverages people in Belgrade were boiling finely ground coffee beans, which today is ordered as traditional, or Turkish coffee.

Belgrade cafés aren’t only coffee shops. They can be restaurants, offices, night clubs, music halls, kitty cuddling sanctuaries, living rooms and bars. Belgrade cafés are always social hangout spots, the right café can feel like home and for many they become their home away from home

I’ve organized the following cafes by neighborhood and put the links to the TripAdvisor for some of the cafes I’ve mentioned, they aren’t all on TripAdvisor.


1. Zoana Industriale is for people watching

Comfortably consuming the Njegoševa St sidewalk, this cozy café is a trendy spot for families, singles and pets. Always a half a dozen each are running around while their parents rest with coffee and, or fresh juices. Pet friendly

Address: Njegoševa 49

2. Marenda to be seen, this cute cafe rests across from Sava church and offers a great view through a few young trees in its park. A large patio with chairs and comfy couches provides this trendy café open space for patrons to lounge outside. Pet friendly

Address: Skerlićeva 30

3. Libertè for charming ambiance and delicious coffee which can be enjoyed outside on their balcony, inside- either upstairs, or down, or in their terrace area which is also on the sidewalk. This is one of my favorites. Pet friendly

Address: Vojvode Stepe 157

4. TransformArt Café this little café with a nice outside area, this café is one of my favorites near my Airbnb in 2019 autumn and close to the Hilton where I lived in the Spring. Service is great and coffee is always good. Nice hot milk which isn’t always the case in Belgrade. Pet friendly

Address: Svetog Save 7

5. Café Wien

A charmer to be experienced

Address: Nebojšina 2

6. Salon de thé Small Tree

The cutest tea house with amazing desserts, delicious coffee and tea. Pet friendly

Address: Svetog Save 12

7. Cafe & Factory is a chain, but I’m told and agree that the Vračar version near the market on Nevesinjska Street close to the Kalenic pijaca has the best coffee. I tried a variety of their espresso that was aged in whiskey barrels for robust flavor. Pet friendly

Address: Nevesinjska 21


This is the neighborhood for coffee shops. It was hard to not choose twenty just for this neighborhood.

8. Kafeterija MAGAZIN 1907

for three floors of cozy and pages of coffee options

A comfortable working area with community tables and tables in chairs perfect for working and meetings. A basement has a barber shop, the first-floor coffee all the way to the second and third floors. It’s quite a space in a very cool building. Pet friendly

Address: Kralja Petra 16

9. Koffein

A spacious industrial environment with lots of couches and really yummy coffee options. This one is great for larger groups looking for more space and seating options. Pet friendly

Address: Cara Lazara 13

10. Meduza

Meduza is a funky exposed brick hipster spot showing off local art and a bright atmosphere downstairs which is made up of tables and chairs and more cozy living room style upstairs with couches. Pet friendly

Address: Gospodar-Jevremova 6

 11. Leila Records

Another upstairs and downstairs small café, but this one has a theme unlike the others. They have records all over the café, a huge shelf filled with them and interesting art around the walls. A DJ will play records while patrons sip coffee and talk among themselves. The big windows make this café inviting and fun. Pet friendly

Address: Gospodar-Jevremova 6

12. Café Antiquariat

A place to get caught up in antiques while lounging in a cute tea themed café.

Address: Vuka Karadžića 7

13. Krem de La Krem is Instagramable

This charming ice cream shop looking flowery tea shop style café provides pretty for it’s patrons all sorts of props for making pretty pictures. That’s enough to make this café a favorite, but they also have yummy desserts and good coffee. Even colorful cappuccino! Pet friendly

Address: Strahinjića Bana 61

14. Zoom Art Café & Photo StudioThis street has a few cool finds, but this café in particular is also an art studio making it extra unique and fun to explore.

Address: Dobračina 76


15. Svetozar Marković Charming open concept coffee shop with couches and tables with chairs. Dog friendly, quick service eager to please. Named after the street and a political figure it’s across the street from Tašmajdan park. Pet friendly

Address: Svetozara Markovića 4


Stari Grad

16. De-Tox Café great coffee and ambiance behind the Hotel Moscow, across from a market.

Address: Reljina 4 & Kraljice Natalije

Đeram Ђерам

17. Kafe VRT 204 For really cool ambiance

Address: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 204


18. Villa Maska

Address: Rankeova 7


19. Java Coffee

Address: Andre Nikolića 1

20. Sheher Park Cafe

Address: Andre Nikolića 1