Alternatura Blue Cave

While visiting Komiža we took a boat tour with Alternatura for the Blue cave, the picturesque Stiniva Bay, the Green Cave for a swam and the Blue Lagoon. The trip was a fun adventure filled day.

There are many travel agencies in Komiža selling adventure tours to the Blue Cave. I chose Alternatura because they were quick to respond to e mails and easy to arrange a trip in advance. We did a lot on this all-day tour which comprised of many of the local sightseeing spots and our drivers were fantastic. We had the whole back seat on the speed boat so Onawa could sit between us while we rode.

First, we roared full speed to the Blue Cave which was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We already had our tickets included in the tour ticket which made everything very simple. People who go with tours that don’t include tickets had to stand in line waiting to buy tickets before going into the Blue Cave.

We started the Blue Cave tour by changing boats, we slipped into a flat boat which is used due to the low clearance inside the cave. We rode to the other side of Biševo, the island the Blue Cave is on, we straddled the edge of the island’s rocky shores. Then turned into an area that didn’t make much sense to me. The water was a lush deep cobalt blue, I could see a small hole, but thought there is no way we are going to fit through it. While we pulled close to it I took a video until I heard the driver say saviti glavu! (duck your head). We all dove into the belly of boat to hide our heads.  Once we broke through the small hole the bright blue light of the water reflected all around us. Due to the small space of the cave we only had ten minutes inside since there are other many boats coming in.

The cave has two rooms, a large high ceiling room with the bluest water and the entrance room which is darker. On our way our we all ducked our heads again and in an instant were ejected from the cave back into the sea. We returned to our speed boat then roared on for twenty-minutes to the Green Cave where we went for a swim.

 It’s called the Green Cave because the beautiful blue waters are interrupted by sunlight coming through a blow hole which creates a bright neon green effect on the cave floor. The cave is nothing special from above the water, but going under water makes it all amazing. Bring your snorkel mask for this one. The cost to go inside the Green cave is 50 Kuna which is about $8.00 and is paid at the cave.

After the Green Cave we sped on for about twenty-minutes to the Blue Lagoon which has the cutest bar called Don Key, it reminded me of the funky beach bars on random islands in Belize. They had donkeys, turkeys and chickens in a fenced area of their farm, behind the bar was a charming Mediterranean style restaurant. We didn’t have much time at the Blue Lagoon, but it was sufficient.

We continued to the amazing Stiniva Bay beach. The only safe way to get to this beach is by boat. You can hike if bold enough, but you will need hiking boots for this one, it’s rocky and I’m told there are some tough climbs down the mountain to the beach. We didn’t bring shoes for hiking so we were happy to have this stop off the boat. The tour boats all park outside of the stone wall of the island and their patrons swim to the beach. There is a little row boat to put belongings in. We put Onawa in the row boat so she didn’t have far to swim. She doesn’t like swimming when she can’t see the ground under her paws.

This beach is amazing! There is an old stone building that was turned into a bar with solar power.  The water was fantastic and the pebble beach was nice to sit and relax after our swim. We only had an hour there, but it was enough for a drink and swim. On the way back to Komiža we rode along the shore of the island Vis. We went into a couple coves to see some beautiful rock formations. One area was funny because it was a cove with a tiny beach where a single seagull was giving us this look as if to wonder why we were coming into his area. Our driver even showed us where spring water poured out of a rock formation into the sea. The trip was a lot of fun!


Take a snorkel and mask to see the Green Cave well

Wear comfortable clothes because the boat is a little speed boat and seats are the kind that you have to straddle

Getting in and out of the boat takes effort so if with a cane, or troubles with mobility try one of the tours that go have bigger boats that can be walked off easily.

Book in advance to secure a spot because all these tour companies get booked really fast in the summer.