Cafés Ljubljana

Ljubljana has a fun assortment of charming cafes to explore while traveling in this European city. Lounging alongside the Ljubljanica canals, sitting in a park, or even a jazz café in the castle, this romantic city has a wide variety of cafes to explore.

European café culture has more in common than not, but some of the major differences are the sort of people and where they prefer to sit and sip their coffee. Everyone has a favorite taste: classy with intricate décor, or funky covered in graffiti and there is something for everyone in Ljubljana.

I didn’t find many cafés that were dedicated to coffee alone, they have fantastic desserts to be enjoyed along with their signature coffees, or are also bars. I avoid the obviously touristy cafes unless they have a spectacular view, which can’t be avoided. After exploring them all I tend to find four, or five that I frequent on dates, or spending time with new friends.

Crystal Café

Ameriška ulica 8

Inside the Crystal Palace the Crystal café offers a panoramic view and incredible views of the alps.

Čolnarna Park Tivoli

Cesta 27. aprila 2A (Tivoli Park)  

In the south west area of Tivoli park this café is set next to a relaxing pond, perfect for sunset. It’s great to take a walk, then come here for a rest.

Pavin Caffee

 Stari trg 30

This little café opens out onto the street. The building is a lovely old brightly butter colored Austrian style building which is complemented by dark wood and orange tables. They also have fantastic ice cream and are very dog friendly. Dogs get their own cookies served in a little glass bowl and lots of scratches. This sixty-year-old coffee chain has perfected their flavors of coffee.

Črno Zeno

Gornji trg 17

This little café was designed in a charming way by the owner who has his specially roasted beans imported from his home Columbia. The café translated Black Bean into English offers a fantastic bottled cold brew with complex notes. He also sells both beans and ground coffee.


Hribarjevo nabrežje 19

Located on the canal this café and bar is perfect both at night and in the day.


Wolfova ulica 14

This park side café has pastel cups, good service and delicious desserts. It’s only steps away from the river and next to a street good for shopping. The view is fantastic; a park, one of Europe’s oldest university buildings and a charming square. Directly across the park is my favorite flower shop.

Cacao cafe

Petkovškovo nabrežje 3

Cacao is always busy, but their large opening on a terrace next to the river usually has a table, or two available. Their desserts are great and they have my favorite ice cream, its called muffin, but a close second is the white chocolate pistachio. The café is next to the famous three bridges, beautiful buildings and has an excellent view of the castle. My favorite coffee drink is the Amazon, it’s cold brew coffee with delicious chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Fantastic!

Kavarna SEM

Metelkova ulica 2

This was my neighborhood coffee shop. The café is wrapped around a museum, gardens with tables circled by rosemary and lavender hedges along the side. The service is typically attentive and quick. There is a nice canopy, or an open yard with lounge chairs in the front. This is my favorite café for writing.


Stari trg 5

Nestled in the center of the cobble stone historic center this café has a cool, hip ambiance both inside and outside. They have the best coffee in the city.


Rimska cesta 21

This funky neighborhood café has plenty of artistic space inside and a big terrace with lots of greenery. Service is friendly and fantastic.

Pri Podkvi

Zaloška cesta 48

This café has a fantastic outside area and it’s the best place to see the nutria (the cute local water rodents).

Le Petit Café

Trg Francuske Revolucije 4, 1000 Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle

Grajska planota 1

Of course, a jazz café inside the castle had to be added to this list of cafes.