Castle, Croatia

Old Castle Konjščina

Croatia has thousands of castles spread out over the country. Some are in ruins, and others are well-maintained and used, then some are somewhere in between. The old Castle Konjščina is a historical landmark located in the village of Konjščina, just a short drive from Zagreb. The Old Castle is a must-see for any history […]

Ogulin Frankopane Castle croatia
Castle, Croatia

Ogulin Frankopan Castle

Ogulin is a small town in continental Croatia, located halfway between Rijeka and Karlovac in the Gorski Kotar mountain forest area. Founded in the 16th century, this Croatian town surrounds a Frankopan Castle. Myths and legends of fairies, witches, and elves from the deep forests surrounding Ogulin are part of the charm of the area. […]

Castle, Croatia

The Castle Trakošćan

The most famous castle in Croatia is Trakošćan, this Gothic palace is bordered by a lake and acres of forest inside a lovely remote section of the Varaždin region. The castle property consists of a park, Gothic church, additional buildings and forest around the lake. The archeological monument is home to a Croatian government run […]

Castle, Croatia


Čakovec is home to a majestic Renaissance castle, the fortress and its palace has a long history. Tourists can easily stay in the city center in a number of charming apartments along the pedestrian street lined with architecture from the Austro- Hungarian empire. Then venture out on day road trips through the surrounding towns, through […]