France, Recipes

Accidental Rooster

During my three month life in France, I went to the popular Saturday market in Honfleur the week before Thanksgiving. While picking up the milk, cream and rice pudding I buy weekly I searched Google Translate to ask the French speaking vendor for a turkey. I thought I had the right word. She was sure […]


Relearning Skin care in France

I read that girls in France are taken aside by the women in their family and taught how to care for their skin as a coming of age tradition. For some girls this includes a visit to the dermatologist and even a facial. How amazing this must be for these young girls to grow up […]


Honfleur is for Lovers

My boyfriend Matthew and I rented a two-bedroom apartment in the town center of Honfleur. It was one of the cutest places I’ve ever been. Every house was impeccably maintained with immaculate slate roofs. We arrived at the end of October 2016. The leaves on the trees were still mostly green with a bit of […]