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Do you absolutely love cheese and potatoes? This is the dish that will bring the greatest pleasure. The crunch of the crust, the creamy potato and salty cheese make frika one of the most amazing potato dishes I’ve experienced. We ate it in a few places when visiting Tolmin, but we were most impressed with […]

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Zagorje Štrukli

Cheese filled pastry Ingredients: The dough: 4 cups (500g) flour- equal amount of all-purpose flour and pastry flour 1 tsp salt 1 egg 2 tbsp oil 1tbsp vinegar Water about .04 cup, or 100ml Filling: 20 oz (600g) fresh cottage cheese 3.3. oz (100g) sour cream 4 eggs .4 (100 ml) sour cream Salt and […]


Zimtsterne Cinnamon Cookies

For cinnamon dough: 500g finely ground peeled almonds 300g powdered sugar 2 egg whites 2 teaspoons cinnamon powder 2 tablespoons amaretto or almond liqueur For glazing: 125g powdered sugar 1 egg white For marzipan: 150g of flour baking powder (half tablespoon) 50g of sugar 2 packets of vinyl sugar 1 egg yolk 80g butter 1 […]


Rakija Apple Liqueur

Rakija apple liquor from Bartender Siniša Mršić Glass jar 1 liter 1-liter rakija 1 kilo cut up apples 800 grams of sugar Add a weight to keep the apples under the rakija and cover with plastic, then the lid. Leave it in the sun for 21 days. Then strain. I made this with figs, dried […]


Rakija Apple Cinnamon Martini

Rakija apple cinnamon martini recipe from Bartender Siniša Mršić 5 cl rakija based apple liquor 1 cl vermouth extra dry Cinnamon powder Related posts: Accidental Rooster Rakia Stuffed Pork Thanksgiving invention Rakija Sour Rakija Beef Spare Ribs Moroccan Style Rakija Apple Liqueur Zimtsterne Cinnamon Cookies


Rakija Beef Spare Ribs Moroccan Style

Rakija Beef spare ribs Moroccan style, video on you YouTube Read the Rakija post In a glass jar soak 1 quince, 10 dried cut figs and 8 fresh figs in the sun for one week. 5 spare ribs cut in half 2 tsp of salt then more to taste 1 tsp coriander 1 tsp ginger […]


Rakija Sour

Rakija sour recipe from Saint Ten in Belgrade · 2 ounces rakija · ¾ ounce fresh lemon juice · ¾ ounce simple syrup · ½ orange wheel (for serving) Related posts: Accidental Rooster Rakia Stuffed Pork Thanksgiving invention Rakija Beef Spare Ribs Moroccan Style Rakija Apple Cinnamon Martini Rakija Apple Liqueur Zimtsterne Cinnamon Cookies


Thanksgiving invention

I’m an American, even if I wasn’t raised one, I learned quickly about the ease and efficiency of the American casserole. I’m actually obsessed with the green bean casserole and struggle for the frenched onions for the top of it. Yum! 2019 Thanksgiving I was on my own in Belgrade with no one to feed […]


Rakia Stuffed Pork

During the autumn of 2019 I made rakija liqueur with dried croatian figs and fresh Serbian figs. I shared a recipe for an apple Rakija Liqueur for the drink. When we drank all the fig version I was left with a lot of soaked fruit. I cut the fruit in small pieces then cooked it […]

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Accidental Rooster

During my three month life in France, I went to the popular Saturday market in Honfleur the week before Thanksgiving. While picking up the milk, cream and rice pudding I buy weekly I searched Google Translate to ask the French speaking vendor for a turkey. I thought I had the right word. She was sure […]