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Christmas in Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect Christmas destination; the capital Ljubljana and second largest city Maribor make the prefect spots due to views of snow adorned mountains and towering evergreens weighed down by white fluffy snow. Road trip around Slovenia for the perfect Christmas vacation. Christmas markets lined in squares and along the river of Ljubljana are perfect for grabbing a few last-minute Christmas gifts.

From the vibrant and magical Christmas markets to the incredible views of snowy capped mountain summits, Slovenia is the perfect Christmas destination. Regardless if you decide to visit the capital city Ljubljana or tour around the country and explore the small old villages, you will be treated to an incredible festive spirit and unique Christmas traditions. Keep reading as today we are sharing not only some of the best Slovenian destinations for Christmas but also some great tips on how to plan your Christmas holiday in Slovenia.

Best Christmas Destinations in Slovenia

In order to get started, we will first look at the top Christmas destinations in Slovenia that are worth adding to your bucket list.


As the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana is the first place worth stopping by if you are looking forward to experiencing the full Christmas festivities. Start at the Ljubljana Christmas Market located at the heart of the city! As you are strolling down Prešeren Square, you will find numerous street stalls. From warm mulled wine and delicious traditional meals to handmade Christmas ornaments and knitted gloves and scarves, there is a bit of everything for everyone. You can either grab a few last-minute Christmas gifts or you can plan a romantic winter night with your significant other.

If you are trying to escape the crowds, it might be worth heading towards the river, where you will find even more tasty snacks and drinks including pretzels and smoked sausages served with a variety of pickled toppings. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and admire the stunning scenery of the Christmas lights and decorations beautifully reflecting into the peaceful waters of the river.

Ljubljana is a beautiful European city with old charm and atmosphere and one of the best Christmas destinations in Slovenia. A variety of light displays and themed shows are planned throughout the month of December, so keep up to date with Advent in Ljubljana


Located approximately 130 km North-East away from Ljubljana, visitors will find the second-largest city in Slovenia – Maribor. With its picturesque old town and 15th-century building in Renaissance style, the city will quickly steal your heart and put you in the Christmas spirit. As soon as the winter months approach, the main square is converted into a fairytale looking village with thousands of lights and decorations sprinkled around. Visitors’ attention is grabbed by the little houses and stalls, where you can find treasures, such as hand-carved wooden serving platter from walnut and oak. The smell of warm freshly baked honey cookies served with apricot jam and white chocolate, on the other hand, attract foodie lovers.

We absolutely loved The Fairy City Festival. We found a little nook of winding branches adorned in lights where we enjoyed some fabulous local live performances. The Magdalenski park also comes to life with incredible Christmas décor and countless glittering lights and art installation pieces. If you would like to learn more search for Lumina show and make sure to keep up to date with things to do in Maribor.


Last but definitely not least, for all ski and snowboard enthusiasts, the winter resort of Vogel is one of the best Christmas destinations in Slovenia. What seems to be a fairly small village during the summer, becomes an attractive and lively hub perfect for all those of you, who would like to spend your Christmas hitting the slopes. The resort is located near the popular Lake Bohinj and is named after the incredible 1922-meter-tall mountain of Vogel shimmering above the frozen waters of the lake. Even if you are not a huge sports fan, the resort offers a scenic cable car, which will award you with some of the most stunning mountain views of Slovenia.

Tips for planning Christmas in Slovenia

  • Start planning in advance – Austria and Germany are still considered the top choices for Christmas destinations in Europe, however, Slovenia has been getting fairly popular as well. Make sure to plan and book in advance!
  • Try to find a local in Slovenia – Christmas in Slovenia is magical not only because of the incredible colorful Christmas markets, but it is also the traditions and customs that make the festivities so special. If you know someone who lives in Slovenia, make sure to get in touch with them as they will be able to show you how the locals celebrate this merry season!
  • Family-Friendly – Slovenia is extremely family-friendly. From quaint, walkable streets to various activities and events specifically planned for children, Slovenia is a fabulous choice if you are planning on taking your children with you!
  • Cold but White – Something to have in mind, especially if you are coming from a country closer to the equator is that Slovenia often experiences its first snow in December. The temperatures can drop significantly in just a day, however, you will definitely be treated to a snowy white Christmas. We cannot think of anything better than making a snowman and a snowball fight, followed by a warm cup of hot cocoa during the festive Christmas Season, can you?

Now that we have covered the best Christmas destinations in Slovenia, as well as the top tips for planning a winter journey to Slovenia, it is up to you to get ready and have a fabulous holiday season with a trip to Slovenia! Subscribe for more Slovenian travel posts. Have a lovely day.