Day through Bosnia

In June 2019 my mother, friend Fiorella and I drove our rental car from Boljevac to Tara national park where we spent one whole day and night in Vitasi. After a night out exploring the cute village and a fantastic dinner then good night sleep we drove through some of the most amazing mountain roads I’ve ever seen, in Bosnia. We drove the whole day all the way to Zadar Croatia. We made a few stops in little villages where we followed crystal blue streams and lakes. The roads were perfect, smooth with very few potholes. I’ve never seen so many tunnels as I did driving through Bosnia.

We took two lane highways along the south of Bosnia through the mountains to avoid Sarajevo and other cities, we wanted peace and rural sights. The little car we were driving was terrific on gas, we only needed to fill up once in Bosnia. As we climbed up the mountains we could see massive Montenegrin mountains to the south.

In villages along the ride we saw lamb cooked on a spit advertised everywhere. We didn’t get to try it, but next time I drive through I will plan spend a few nights and eat. When I return I’ll stop and stay in Bileća for the amazing lake, drive back through Tjentište to see the valley of heroes, stay in the cute town of Bastasi, Trembinje and Mostar. These towns are adorable and warrant a stay.