Ensana Thermal Hévís Health Spa Hotel

Hévís Hungary has the largest thermal lake in the world. Rich in minerals this thermal lake has high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and hydrogen carbon contributing to the lake’s healing abilities. A thermal spa rests on top of the lake for inside and outside swimming options. Just two hours west of Budapest and ten minutes from the closest town on lake Balaton, Hévís is a must-visit for spa-goers. We stayed at the Ensana Health Spa Hotel for a relaxing spa trip.

Hévís is a small tourist town with a thermal lake that attracts tourists from all around the world. Visitors stay in one of the many hotels in the center of town, only a five to fifteen-minute walk from the thermal lake. We stayed in Ensana Thermal Hotel this time and it was a wonderful experience. The distance to the lake was about a thirteen-minute walk, but there is parking at the lake for anyone who doesn’t want to walk.

The Water Lake Hévís

We were here in February when the lake was 25 degrees Celsius, or 77 Fahrenheit. 

The Hotel Ensana

The rooms were clean with tidy common areas, a dog-friendly bar, and a lounge with delicious snacks and drinks, the staff is happy and friendly. Dinner can be included in the stay with a purchase of half board, it’s a buffet that includes one drink per guest and plenty to eat. Three soups, six variations of proteins, lots of salads, and cold cuts. Amazing bread and a dozen desserts.


Spa Services

Anything and everything from what I could tell, they have massages of all sorts of variations, hydrotherapy, electric therapy, and beauty services including manicures, pedicures even fish pedicures are available. The full list and instructions on how to book them are on their website.

There is an outside pool you can enter from inside the spa then swim outside and choose one of the areas in the pool with jets. Back inside there is a lap pool and hot tub in one room, a sauna area, and then two pools of special white thermal water, one is 32-34 degrees and the other is 36-38 degrees Celsius, we loved going between both, one to cool off after getting too hot in the hot one. The thermal pools are emptied at seven pm when they close and then filled again before they open at 7 am. It’s fantastic to relax in clean water.

The Hotel Water

We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend a stay at the Ensana Thermal Spa Hotel in Hévís. When making plans make sure to arrange to be at the lake for a swim before five pm. They open at nine am so if you’re staying for a short time as we did make sure to get there at a time when the lake is open. There is a hotel closer to the lake, but I preferred the reviews for Ensana Thermal. For more about the Lake check out their website.  Subscribe for more travel plans, have a lovely day.