Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

My brother, mother and I left Sedona Arizona in June 2018, we then drove to the Grand Canyon, but before entering the famous national park we stopped at a memory from childhood. Flintstone Land is still outside of the Grand Canyon and dogs were allowed! Once entering the Grand Canyon National Park, we hung a right and went around the south rim of the canyon. We found a parking spot in front of a lookout which is where we stopped for a packed lunch and awed at the canyon for an hour. After filling our bellies with salad and sandwiches we progressed onward for five more stops. Once we left the Canyon we were headed toward Monument Valley, on our way, to our surprise a big sign on the right said Dinosaur Tracks.

When I was nine years old my family and I lived in Arizona for a year. My uncle and his family live in Kingman, we stayed there to spend a year with my uncle. My father and uncle were very close making it hard for them to be separated due to us living in Belize. While in Arizona my brother and I came to the Grand Canyon a few times. The memories were a joy to relive! My brother Ivan and I explored the Flintstone attraction while our mom rested in the van. The dogs loved going inside the little Flintstone buildings and running around the property while we took pictures of them. After our brief break and peek around the store we hopped back into the van and drove onward into the Grand Canyon National Park. We did five brief stops for pictures then we let ourselves be in awe at the amazing sight. Once finished with the south rim we headed onward to the next stop, Monument Valley.

One of the most memorable experience of my 2018 summer was Dinosaur Tracks. The attraction is located about an hour outside of the Grand Canyon on the way to Monument Valley. There is a big sign on the right for Dinosaur Tracks. We ventured into the parking lot where a young Navajo guy greeted us and offered to take us on a tour. A few more cars pulled in, he rounded us all up and gave us a lesson on the meteor collision that caused the Grand Canyon and the petrified dinosaur tracks which covered the ground. He was a great tour guide, he knew everything about the tracks and even told us about the petrified poop. He told us about the different museums which took artifacts from this site and how the Navajo Nation created this little tour. After we wandered around and I bought a cool handmade copper bracelet we got back into the van and drove onward to Monument Valley.

When we arrived at our hotel in Kayenta, we were exhausted, we checked into the hotel and ventured to the restaurant for some flat bread and steak. The cows are locally grown, free range beef which gives them a hearty flavor. The fry bread was incredible. While there we ate from a couple food trucks with incredible burritos and a cute little restaurant called Amigo Café which hooked us for the rest of the visit. Their green chili sauce was all we craved. I’ve shared the reviews on TripAdvisor. We only had two nights there before it was time to drive onward to the Apache Nation in New Mexico and then to our friend’s house in southern Colorado.