Korčula Boat Trip

Korčula is a beautiful Croatian Island with a fun history. Located in the Dubrovnik region of Croatia, the Adriatic island is about an hour and 40-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik, about an hour ferry ride from Hvar, or a 2-3-hour ferry from Split depending on if you bring a car or not. Since we didn’t bring the car on the ferry this particular trip we decided to hire a boat captain and go out for a day exploring the surrounding islands, it was definitely a great decision! We decided to go with Goran and his Explorer Family Boat Company. While on our boat trip we stopped for some exploring on Badija island where we played with wild deer and other small islands where we swam for hours. Read more to plan your Korčula trip.

Goran picked us up from the dock at the apartment we were staying at, then we went to a tiny island where a 4th century church was located on, Majsan Island is located a short ride from Korcula, if time allows it’s surely worth a short hike to the settlement where there are ruins of the monastery a chapel as well as an olive mill and a kitchen. A short walk uphill to the top of the island where a viewpoint looks over the Adriatic to the Pelješac Peninsula on one side and Korčula on the other. We then continued on to the island of Badija which is not to be missed for sure. Our host Goran made us a delicious snack of his homemade prosciutto and cheese as we journeyed to the island where a beautiful forest enchanting monastery and friendly deer awaited us! Goran also brought apples so that we could feed the deer.

We had some time to walk around the monastery grounds and the lovely pine forest. The Yugoslavian leader Tito brought the deer to the island for hunting, but since then, they have been left alone to enjoy the island. We walked around the grounds of the monastery looking for the deer as we walked along the trail. Soon we came across them and we were not disappointed! They wanted our apples and came very close to us all in all they were really entertaining.

For those who wish to stay on the sea at a unique and peacefully quiet location the private island of Vela Sestrica is home to the Lighthouse Korkyra and open for business. Even if you don’t plan on staying there just to see the pictures is worth the few minutes to check it out. Their jacuzzi is built into the rocks near the villa to have a totally romantic island effect. The lighthouse was built in 1871 while the unique villa has 4 bedrooms along with dining area inside and out a beautiful swimming pool as well as easy access to the sea.

Our next stop on the tour was where we had our meal and took a little swim at the island of Vrnik which was a stone makers village with 29 quarry’s that are still in use. This is also where Goran made us a delicious lunch of fish and a hot meat plate with various types and salads to accompany the meats. He had also provided wines from his own vines which we really enjoyed.

After eating our lunch, we headed out past Lumbarda village and ended our trip with a swim off the boat in a beautiful cove a perfect ending to a great little adventure in the beautiful Adriatic near Korčula.

We took a boat trip with Explorer Family Boat.

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