Kudin Most na Krupi

Surrounded by unspoiled nature and the deep blue waters of Krupa River, Kudin Most na Krupi is one of Croatia’s hidden gems. Located in the Zadar region, about an hour and a half drive from the coast you will find the Velebit National Park. Inside the park is where the Krupa River is covered by a special bridge. The picturesque canyon oasis will make you fall in love not only with its breathtaking scenery, but also its unique romantic history. While the entire area is a real nature refuge, it is the incredible Kuda’s bridge and its story, which you will remember long after you have gone back home.

 Also known as Kuda’s bridge this incredibly beautiful area was enhanced a hundred years ago when Kude built a bridge to bring his bride across the Krupa river. The lovely swimming spot is inside the Velebit National Park in a limestone high desert canyon. Green and fresh with deep blue waters the refuge will entice visitors to swim.  

About Kudin Most

Velebit National Park, which is among the most beautiful preserved areas in Croatia, has many amazing special features. The park is dominated by the remarkable Velebit Mountain, which is also the largest mountain range by mass in Croatia. The peaceful waters of Krupa river beautifully meander through the deep canyons to make the scenery extra special. Along the river, inside the canyon cascades, leading to the Kudin bridge then forming a larger waterfall, filling up a swimming hole with the crystal-clear waters.

Kudin Most is a drystone bridge dating back to the 18th century. It’s over 100 meters long and up to 1.5 meters wide and it is an incredible architectural piece. However, it is its history, which makes the bridge interesting and unique. The bridge was built by a young man named Kude. The bridge linked the two village on the opposite sides of the river – Golubić and Žegar.

Legend has it that a great love was formed by two young lovers who lived on opposite sides of the river. The young man Kude built the bridge to be able to walk across it with the wedding party to ask for the hand of his beloved woman. I can imagine that this is a true story, because the country of Croatia has many stories of men in love, who are ready to create amazing things and do whatever it takes to be with their chosen one. Nowadays, the bridge is a symbol of true love.  

Another interesting fact in a different region is that Dubrovnik and the islands surrounding the region have a rule – if a man wants to marry he must first plant 100 cypress trees. Hence, the reason why you can see so many of them as you are exploring the beautiful Dubrovnik region.

Tips for Getting to Kudin Most:

  • Making it all the way down to Kudin Most might be a challenge. While the main trail is a lot more popular, it is more of an extremely steep dirt goat path, which is difficult to walk down and up on. That is why, I suggest using the GPS coordinates for the parking area instead. The path starting from the parking lot is much, much easier and is suitable for people with different skill levels.

The area looks a little empty right now, but there are plans for a café opening up here and some shops in the future. The walk down takes about thirty minutes and up about forty-five.

  • Make sure to bring plenty of water! The vast majority of tourists do not seem to understand that the Dalmatian region is characterized by its dry heat. Even if you do not feel thirsty, you are! It is good to prepare 1 liter for the way down, 1 liter while swimming and 1 liter for the way up per person. It seems a lot to carry and you may think you can make it on less, but why try? Anything might happen and it is always better to be sure you have enough. I also like to have electrolyte packets, as I find them extremely helpful with tiredness during hikes. By using just one pack, the pep comes back into my feet and legs and I am ready to climb any mountain.
  • Do not forget to bring a swimsuit and a towel! The peaceful crystal-clear waters will tempt you to take a dip, so you better be prepared. You can jump straight in, so you do not need water shoes.
  • If you are a nature lover and enjoy camping, you can definitely plan a camping trip with an overnight stay in a tent. You will be able to truly immerse yourself into the tranquility of the area surrounding Kudin Most.
  • Having a good pair of shoes is important when going to Kudin Most. The rocky trail is not meant for sandals so bring good hiking shoes or at least some sneakers. It is also a great idea to pack a pair of socks that will absorb sweat and dry your feet off well before putting socks on after swimming. When on the way back, you should have in mind that the uphill to the parking area can be tough for people who do not hike at least a couple times a year. If you are a regular hiker, though, you will find it relatively easy. My mother was tempted to join us and come down, but as her knees are not so good, she decided to sit this one out. She stayed on the side and enjoyed the spectacular views from the top.

I hope you get a chance to come and explore this amazing place. Subscribe for more Croatian blog posts. Have a lovely day.