Lendava – Activity Retreat in Lendava

Lendava is a lovely activity retreat area in the east of Slovenia. Directly next to Hungary this small town has the largest tower in Slovenia, multiple vineyards and charming restaurants. The walking and cycling areas provide fantastic views above the town, or within the town where a castle sits against a hill where trails can be found that lead up to the Vinarium tower. Located approximately 200 km away from Ljubljana, Lendava is a small, yet truly spectacular town worth visiting!

The town is located directly next to the Hungarian border, which means that the town will welcome you with its unique fusion of Hungarian and Slovenian cultures and traditions. Lendava’s main attraction is the Vinarium tower, known as the largest tower in Slovenia. The numerous walking and cycling areas make the town the perfect retreat location.

Keep reading for the ultimate guide to Lendava and get ready for a day filled with experiences. From the truly spectacular views of endless green vineyards, an 18th century castle to local charming restaurants offering mouth-watering Slovenian and Hungarian dishes, Lendava is a quaint, peaceful gem waiting to be explored! 

Activities in Lendava

You might be surprised that a small town with a total territory of just 6 sq. km and population of less than 3000 people would be worth visiting! Lendava is often neglected by tourists, which means that the town is the ideal place to experience the local atmosphere.


If you’re a cycling fan, you have certainly already heard of Eurovelo 13, also referred to as the “Iron Curtain Trail”. While the entire route is close to 10,000 km long, the area passing through Slovenia is fairly short with just 107 km, the area is absolutely spectacular with stunning views along the way. Visitors will find various smooth paved biking trails, which are ideal for escaping the busy roads and crowded cities. You are not only going to feel comfortable and safe, you will also find the peace and quiet you might have been searching for. If you’re into more adventurous biking, you can explore the mountain cycling paths on the Hungarian side of Lendava.

For those of you planning a visit to Lendava in July and interested in participating in the Pannonian Cycling Marathon of Three Countries, you can email the cycling club at kolo.lendava@gmail.com


One of the best ways to experience not only Lendava, but Slovenia overall is to explore its rolling hills and deep evergreen forests. In order to do this, you would have to pack your good and comfortable walking shoes and be prepared for some hiking adventures. Some examples are the Esterhazy Trail, Saint Urban’s Trail and the Water and Oil Trail.

Depending which time of the year you are planning your visit for you can also take part in some of the fantastic events organized in the area. February is the month when locals take the hike along the border, October, is known as the best time for the Misko Kranjec hike. Last but not least, on New Year’s Eve, there is a group of locals who organize a hike with torches.

If you would like to receive more information, you can email the hiking club at pdlendava@pzs.si


If you have packed your entire day with activities, a well-deserved break has to follow. Terme Lendava is the spot for relaxation and recreation. The 3-star resort will great you with its Olympic size swimming pool, healing thermal water baths and unique spa treatments. There is nothing better than spending a few hours fully relaxing and recharging your batteries with the fantastic combination of wellness procedures or even simply dipping into the refreshing waters of the massive swimming pool.


Another reason why Lendava is worth visiting is the variety of wineries you can stop by. The green vineyards are so welcoming that you will want to dive into the culture and cuisine to fully experience the authentic atmosphere even if you are not a huge wine lover. Keep reading to see, which are my top choices for wineries in the region.

Wine Cellar Kelenc

If you are always on the search of authentic experience, you should definitely stop by Winery Kelenc. With hundreds of years of traditions in the wine-making technology, which have been passed from one generation to another, the winery will impress even the most sophisticated taste buds. Take a journey through time, immerse yourself into the unique and traditional flavors and indulge into a wide selection of white wines at Wine Cellar Kelenc.

Wine House of Cuk

Situated at an altitude of more than 330 meters, on top of the Lendava Hills, Wine House of Cuk is presenting panoramic views of the endless green fields not only of Slovenia, but also views of Croatia and Hungary in the distance. The delicious red, light whites and delicate rose wines are definitely worth the try; however, it is their home-made meat specialties which will make your wine tasting a truly memorable one!

Getting to Lendava

Already packing your bags for Lendava? If so, you should know how to get there. While the nearest air hub is the Austrian Graz airport, you will quickly find out that there are only a handful of airlines flying there. The Slovenian capital, Ljubljana is about 200 km away and the most convenient transport from there is the train. There is also a bus from Ljubljana which takes about four hours. Zagreb, on the other hand, has lots of direct flights and is less than a 2 hour drive away, but the train journey can take up to 7 hours. Overall, it is best to rent a car, as this will also allow you to plan a more flexible itinerary around Lendava and you will get to fully experience the beauty of this little hidden Slovenian gem!

Where to Stay

If you are already intrigued by the small, yet picturesque town of Lendava and you are looking forward to planning a trip, a day trip might be a bit challenging due to Lendava’s location, booking an overnight stay is better idea.

Accommodation options in Lendava might be a bit limited, however, the Vinarium Dispersed Hotel surrounded by endless green rolling hilltops covered in vineyards might be exactly the place you are looking for. You can choose between the various charming cottages. Book one of one of the cottages that are part of the Vinarium network of on hotelvinarium.si


For a relatively small town, Lendava has quite a busy events calendar with a wide selection of extraordinary festivals taking place. The Asparagus Day, for example is celebrated during the spring season, whereas August is completely dedicated to the delicious and traditional Slovenian food. The Bograč Festival was first celebrated in 2011 and has been attracting people from all over the world ever since! Lendava was awarded the title of Bograč Town, they are known for this hearty meat stew and they love to share it. During the festival all bowls of bograč are free, the stew consists of three types of meat in a red broth.

In 2021 1.5 tons of bograč will be served making this year one for the Guinness Book of World Records on September 4th 2021. Another culinary festival is Hotiza, it’s focused on the traditional Slovenian fish dishes. Visitors can also take part in a fishing tournament, taking place along the Mura River. During the first Saturday in September Lendava hosts a wine carnival.

Have you already been to Lendava? If so what did you think of it? If this is the first time you hear about it, are you interested in visiting the town for an activity retreat weekend?

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