Meet Mercy

Mercy is a mini schnauzer yorkshire terrier mix, they are called schnorkies, or snorkie. She’s about five kilos which makes her a perfect travel companion around Europe if she wasn’t claustrophobic.

Mercy in London Hackney Marshes Park

I was living in London in 2016. After a trip to New York for a conference I realized I really missed having a dog. I couldn’t take Ouroboros because my friend Kenyon loves him so much and I didn’t want to interrupt him. Onawa was in Key West with my brother Ivan and I couldn’t take her because my mom was spending a month there that autumn and was keen on the time with Onawa. I put aside my desire for dog love for a bit until the end of July.

One day, out of curiosity, I looked on GumTree, a popular community marketplace, to see if dogs were on offer. I saw Mercy’s little face and knew that bearded cutie had to be with me.

I sent a message and got a reply quickly from the owner. She was an Irish woman who moved to London, she was couchsurfing at a friend’s house. Her friend had a big dog who was bullying Mercy, I could hear the poor puppy crying in the background. The price was 300.00 pounds. That’s way more than I’ve ever paid for a pet, but I was determined to use some of my savings to get this puppy.

She was three months old and perfect cuteness. We spent the summer playing in London. My ex and I took her on a trip to the Lake District, that’s when we learned that she can’t be in a carrier because she freaks out, pukes then freaks out some more. She’s incredibly claustrophobic.

After the summer in England we took a train, then ferry, then car to live in Ireland (Ireland Linkon Ireland) in August. After that she traveled to France (Honfleur link on France), different places in England and all over Europe before settling down in Eastbourne England (Eastbourne Link). I see her whenever I visit my ex who keeps her. Their love is very strong for each other.