Meet Ouroboros

In February 2010 I was living in Hollywood Florida with my ferrets Baby and Lola. I had a meeting in Miramar with my business partner of the time. On my way home I saw a dog in the road, a big red dog. I got out and yelled at him to go home. He looked confused, but wagged his tail and came to meet me. I walked around the neighborhood asking if anyone knew him. One couple said they did and that a man who fights dogs lives on the next road over. They claimed he was his. I instructed the dog to get into my car figuring I would take him to the vet to check for chip. I did, no chip, no details. That night while I was working the dog sat at my feet. I looked at him and said how would you like a new beginning and to be named Ouroboros. He jumped up, look into my face and made his signature moan. I said, Ouroboros, do you want to go swimming? He didn’t understand, I took him to the car and to the beach where he swam for the first time ever. He loved it!