My Day Trip from Krakow to Belgrade

Our driver met us at our Hampton Inn hotel in Krakow on March 11 2019, then loaded all our belongings into his car. I chose My Day Trip because I had Fiorella with me and Onawa, it’s not easy flying with Onawa from Poland, she’s a little taller than airline cabin restrictions. We needed to be in Belgrade on March eleventh, a one-way drive was the best option. I was given the option to choose a couple stops along the way to make the trip more interesting. I chose the Vlkolínec Village option and not the castle because I wanted to be sure we had enough time. Belgrade was a nine hour drive. If we were only going to Budapest I would have chosen both and maybe also the bear and wolf sanctuary. There are great options to see along the drive through the Slovakian mountains.

To our pleasant surprise we were still able to see the castle, we drove by it.

We stopped for a couple of pictures which was a delight! Then we went onward to the village which was beyond expectation. The mountain air was terrific! We had a beautiful sunny day with clear skies.

We had about forty-five minutes to explore the town before it was time to set off on the road again. We stopped for lunch in a snowy ski town. The restaurant was so good, but not dog friendly so Onawa had to wait in the car.

Our driver Michael was incredible, we talked the whole way while Fiorella and Onawa napped. The remainder of the trip went fast due to the highways in Hungry. Michael and I had some great conversations about sales and business which made the trip fly by. He delivered us to the Hilton Belgrade on time. The hotel staff collect our luggage and we headed to the room. The trip was a breeze, I didn’t need any extra time to rest, I was able to get right to work once entering our hotel suite. It was only eight in the evening which is two in the afternoon New York time so I had to answer emails. I plan to travel with My Day Trip many more times in the future.