Relieved in Romania

I gathered my friend and mother for a road trip from Bulgaria to Romania over the summer of 2018. We took a small bus to Bucharest where we stayed for three nights. I wanted to organize our stay there for a break between the road trips. The plan was to go to Sibiu and the amazing castles. It didn’t really all work out, it turned out that Sibiu and the road to get there were beyond amazing!

Bucharest had great shopping! I’m a glutton for pretty clothes.

After some very enjoyable exploring the stores we stopped for a famous lunch which had to include the traditional desert. It was amazing! All the details are on TripAdvisor.

We had some terrible taxi drivers who tried to take advantage. One tried to con us, I was so angry I think he was genuinely afraid. He responded “ok, ok pay me whatever you like.” We met the best taxi driver on our way back from Sibiu. After we dropped off the rental car at the Bucharest airport we needed a ride back to the Hilton. We talked about the government the whole way. He told us about the government’s bill to legalize bribery. I was impressed to learn the people stood up and protested against it.

Sibiu is adorable! The cutest town with lovely people. It was wedding time all over town. We loved the Hilton there. They gave us the second best room in the hotel. The room was beautiful.

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