Restaurant Week Slovenia Autumn

Restaurants around Slovenia create a unique menu for a discounted price during Restaurant Week. Twice a year, one week in the spring and one week in the Autumn restaurants share their stories through a selection of seasonal multi course menu. A variety of restaurants including farm to table, Michelin Star and exciting original restaurants will delight their guests with celebratory dishes. In 2021 we explored the restaurant in the castle tower the Strelec Restavracija Ljubljanski Grad and the Bled Lake side Julijana.

When in Slovenia for either Spring, or Fall restaurant week is advertised a week before, patrons can filter their preference using the Slovenia Info website. Keep up to date with when restaurant week will be next. Once the update is in place you can use the link which takes you to where you can filter by region, each restaurant has an area to make a reservation. Reservations are mandatory and get booked up fast. Choose the day, time and number of guests, be sure to leave a note with any additional specifics, for me I always ask in the note for a dog friendly area of the restaurant- this is easy in Slovenia because many restaurants are dog friendly. The restaurant will e mail confirmation of the reservation. There is no maximum number of restaurants to try during the week, as long as a restaurant is participating you may explore them all. That said, many restaurants have a capacity of 6 persons per reservation so if you need more try separating tables into two, or more, but book fast. On the day the restaurant week opens I always book right away to be sure.

Restaurant weeks starts on a Friday and continues to the following Sunday for a total of ten days and nights. Lunch and dinner can be reserved in advance, but the exact dates and availability to reserve is only available two weeks before the event begins. Each restaurant has their own criteria, but the event has a cap of six people per reservation. Average restaurants offer a price of 19 Euro per person while the higher rated restaurants (3 hearts or more) offer their menus for 25 Euro per person.

We started our 2021 Autumn restaurant week in Bled at the Julijana. Their offer was meat, or fish, my mother and I selected the fish and fiancé and brother chose the meat.


Octopus in red cabbage for fish and marinated good breast with chanterelle mushrooms, blackcurrant gel and chamomile jelly our appetites.

Next was a red trout filet with vegetables in brick pastry and for meat a butternut squash brulèe, fried veal tongue and a potato crust which was remarkable. Then for the entre john dory fish with a fermented garlic crust, blackberry gel and a water crest emulsion. Meat enjoyed a large portion of rabbit stuffed with thigh confit, polenta and dried tomatoes and an autumn vegetable topped with a herbal emulsion.

We also opted for the wine tasting with started with a glass of sparkling and ended with the dessert of walnut cream a grape marmalade along with tarragon foam, walnut ice cream and a shot of apple cider. It was all amazing. I’m loving the Slovenian trend of using tarragon with desserts, it’s so good.

Strelec Restavracija Ljubljanski Grad

Located on top of Ljubljana in the Ljubljana castle this unique restaurant with a famous chef will be sure to please. They had a menu allowing guests to choose 3, 4, or 5 courses and the ability to order wine as desired instead of a set wine tasting.

A super tender venison tartare with red cabbage, accompanied by raspberries and hazelnuts started our five courses. Then a pasta stuffed with celery root, aged cheese and truffles followed by a healthy portion of veal shank with amazing pickled kale leaves, quinoa and mushrooms. I chose the fish option which was a cuttlefish with mussel sauce. Finishing it all off was an albumin cheese, wood sorrel and wild grape sauce sweetened with honey.

When you find yourself in Slovenia during autumn, or spring, be sure to check the info site to see if you’re coming at the right time for restaurant week. Enjoy the incredible selections of fantastic Slovenian chefs.

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