Roški Slap

The word slap is Croatian/ Serbian for waterfall and these countries have plenty of them. Some of the most notable in Croatia are found in Plitvice and Krka national parks. Within the northern part of Krka there are several beautiful waterfalls to explore; Roški slap is the most notable due to the charming community settled around it. 

Roški Slap view by boat

The Roški slap waterfall is located thirty-six kilometers downstream from the Krka River. Its name comes from Rog fortress which means horn. Necklace cascades travel down-stream then gather to make the fourteen-meter high waterfall the Roški slap. Waters collect into the Roški slap on one side, then on the other side waters travel through Seosko Domacinstvo Kristjan, an ethno restaurant where some of the most amazing cured meats and fresh cheeses are served for lunch and dinner. The restaurant has a natural stone pool accessible by stone steps where patrons can sit inside the water, or under the steps where a small waterfall pours over their visitors. For an unforgettable dining experience, visitors can eat their meal at tables placed above the rushing waters.

We spent several days in the northern part of the park; we stayed at the Hotel Roški Slap which is located inside the park and surrounded by streams. We purchased the annual pass for Krka National Park because this pass allowed us to enter the park whenever we wanted and is a better value than paying for several days. The annual pass is not publicized, if you want to purchase it make sure to bring your identification and an address where your card will be mailed. Ask the park staff at any area selling tickets for the annual pass and provide your identification.

Driving into the northern area of the park is simple, either take the road from Drniš which is a lovely scenic drive, or Knin. If coming off the highway take the exit for Skradin, then county road 56 and then follow the signs for Roški Slap. It’s also possible to take the boat tour from the Skradinski buk, one of the stops off the boat tour is Visovac island where an old Franciscan monastery is still active. It’s a nice tour, but it’s only three and a half hours which isn’t much time to enjoy Roški slap and the northern area of the park.

While in the Roški slap area take a walk around the cascades on the Ozidana; an eight and a half kilometer walking trail around the cascade falls which are called the necklace falls. The Ozidana pećina cave is along the walk, there are wooden steps leading all the way to the cave which dates back to 5000 B.C.  An archeological collection is on display for patrons to experience. We didn’t stay inside long because cute bats were sleeping and Onawa my dog was disturbing them. We went out quickly.

There is fantastic food in the Roški slap area. Seosko Domacinstvo Kristjan serves lunch and dinner. Their specialty is cured Dalmatian prosciutto and cured sausages made the way their forefathers made them. The restaurant has been in their family for generations and it’s a brother and sister operation; they make everything themselves: their own meats, cheese, amazing wine and fantastic olive oil. Their tomatoes and other produce come from nearby and are also incredibly delicious.

The Hotel Roški slap provides a fantastic breakfast for an extra fee and their dinners are also great. The restaurant is next to streams with the soft sounds and fresh cool air.

breakfast coffee by the stream

 On the other side of the bridge and to the right of Ozidana trail is the restaurant Panorama Roški Slap with fantastic views of the lake and mountains. Their casual atmosphere above the lake and fresh good food and wine make this a nice place for lunch, or dinner.

view from restaurant’s terrace

I wrote about Krka and Skradin from a trip in 2019, click the link here to read more. I’ll also have another story next week about the northern part of the park here to read more.