Shopping in Hvar

The most visited island in Croatia lures tourists with sunshine, luxury and phenomenal beauty. The town of Hvar stands out from other Croatian islands due to the more luxurious experiences that make this town a must visit for the rich and famous. World renowned for opulence, Hvar offers five-star hotels, exquisite restaurants and lots of boutiques, jewelry stores and galleries to satiate shoppers.

2021 was the 150-year anniversary for organized tourism in the town of Hvar. The first tourism association on Hvar was the Hygienic Society of Hvar, which was established to provide tourists residing in Germany and Austria appropriate accommodation when they visit. The first hotel with thirteen rooms opened in the adapted Dukoković building on the town square in October 1868. During the two World Wars tourism was marked by the long-time mayor physician Dr. Joseph Avelini for bringing water, electricity and traffic connections to the island. Since the 1990s the growth of tourism has been on overdrive bringing more and more people to the island.

ŠoŠa Gallery has some fantastic pieces for both art and utility purposes. Their staple are adorable boats which can be personalize, but the art pieces are also fantastic.

My Precious Art Shop was one of the first places we went to when visiting Hvar in 2020. We came back in 2021 because their pieces are just fantastic. The precious and semi-precious stone jewelry is exquisite. So many different styles to suit any fashion, but boho is definitely the most dominant, if that’s your style then this is a must see for you.

Atelier Marina Car

Handmade jewelry, purses, bags and accessories are some of the treasures sold in the shop. She also embellishes dresses and beach cover ups.

Coral Shop

Located among the stone buildings on the first level above the seafront at Kroz Burak 19, 21450, Hvar is a jewelry shop where the owner takes extra care to create artistic beautiful pieces.  

There are plenty of stores selling clothing so if you forget anything don’t worry, there are plenty of options for replacing your forgotten wares. If you’re planning a trip to Hvar read 10 Things to do in Hvar, Ultimate Guide to the Island Hvar and for a gorgeous stay read the Palace Elisabeth Hvar post. Put your name and e mail address in the subscribe box to keep updated on new posts about Croatia. Have a lovely day.