Šibenik is located in center of the Dalmatian region of Croatia, where the Krka river flows into the Adriatic Sea. The stone streets and beautiful architecture will generate awe around every corner. There are so many activities in this Croatian city, including fortresses, churches, squares, parks and shops for every interest. A lovely Riva to walk and hikes to the highest fortresses, or to the highest church where visitors can see views of the Croatian islands in the distance. The small city even has a Michelin star restaurant.

The city was established by Croats, then passed around by Venice, Byzantium and Hungary before it was conquered by Venice then passed around several times more until 1872 when Ante Šupuk became the town’s first Croat mayor. In 1895 Šibenik became the world’s first city with electric powered streets due to  Krka’s waterfalls  producing the hydroelectric power for the area.

Where to go

There is a lot to see in Šibenik!

You’re very close to Krka so be sure to check out the national park, you can read more about Krka on Skradin and Krka post.

Saint Michael’s and Barone Fortress are up the hill, there are steps leading up to Saint Michaels then walk five minutes further to the Barone Fortress.

Saint John’s in on a hill above the historic center

Fortress St. Ivana

Special sightseeing

St. Nicholas Fortress is on the island Ljuljevac and there are boat trips to take visitors to this amazing fortress. This massive fortress is a daytrip in itself.

The Robert Visiani Park is the park outside of the Crkva Gospa van grada, the park has a fountain with a giant boulder covered in green moss and turtles. The turtles are sunbathing on the boulder and swimming around under the fountain. It’s a must see and can be found at Perivoj Luje Maruna, 22000, Šibenik.

While there, cross the street to have a coffee at Moderato Coffee, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy a coffee.

The Falconry center Dubrava is the only birds of prey center in Croatia.

What to do

Explore the stone streets and visit the many churches.

Hang out in the Venetian style courtyard near the city gates. This is just so pretty.

Take a boat trip to one of the islands Prvič and Zlarin, the boats go several times a day.  


Check the Šibenik tourism board for activities and events. Saint Michael’s fortress has an events area for concerts inside the fortress, it’s really cool. When I was there they were setting up for a concert.

Hike up to the Fortress of St. Mihovila, the view is amazing

Check out the Aquarium

If you have kids there is a waterpark


There is a shopping mall and a few charming shops in the old town.

Vintage Love, Koke and a several others will provide visitors with a fun shopping experience.

Where to stay

The Hotel Life Palace is a heritage hotel located in the center old town.

Where to eat

We enjoyed the restaurant Bronzin, another time we tried Restaurant Argoloa which was pretty good, my nieces and nephew loved the pizza. Pelegrini has been a top choice that has even drawn the attention of Michelin, they have one star as of 2021.


This is not just a day trip sort of place, come for at least one overnight stay so that you can see a lot of it. I’ve never seen such a small town have so many churches and fortresses in Croatia. It’s really amazing how much there is to see.

Bring comfortable shoes because this is an uphill sort of town. Lots and lots of steps. If you’re adverse to steps, don’t worry as there are also plenty of flat areas to walk.

There aren’t really areas to go swimming. If you’re planning to stay then make sure to take a trip just to the south where there are some lovely areas to swim. Primošten is also fantastic for swimming! They have a whole islet of stone beaches with deep, clean water for swimming. Read the Primoštan post for more information.

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