Sveti Martin Cabins

The rolling wine hills of Sveti Martin na Muri are about an hour and fifteen minutes north of the Croatian capital Zagreb. The Sveti Martin area will come to mind for more reasons than the fabulous Life Spa thermal spa. There are dozens of wineries, hiking, biking trails as well as overall beautiful landscape. Stay over in one of the many charming wooden, or log cabins in this Croatian wine region. Read more for where to stay in Sveti Martin.

Stara Hiža

Overlooking the village of Selnica and bordered by forest this reclaimed wood cabin has two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. Their large terrace, bbq area and wine cellar with ten seats are the best aspects of this charming cabin. The wooden porch and terrace area are also fantastic also with ten-person seating. It does seem this house was meant for parties. The view is on the sunrise side so there is cooler sun on the terrace and living room most of the day. There are two drawbacks: one being the solo air conditioner which is in the entrance. That is a problem when it’s hot as the living room and bedroom aren’t getting cooled.  Also, instead of internet there is a WiFi device which did work a lot of the time.



A log cabin sitting on my favorite hilly village where a chapel crowns the hill. The view of multiple hills across a valley makes this cabin stay a lovely hillside retreat. This one-bedroom house has a terrace, wooden porch, and a lovely garden to walk around. The comfortable bed and outside sitting area are the best aspects of this cozy cabin in the hills. Going out the front door visitors can take a leisurely walk to the right, straight into the forest, or to the left to the chapel on the hill. If you walk into the forest there are several trails to follow which will take you around the hill, or down. Most of the forests in the Sveti Martin area will guide visitors from hill to hill. Mita has great internet and a fantastic air conditioning, but in the winter it’s a little cold as some parts of the cabin, the electric panels they use only provide heat in the nearby areas. The cabin is small so it’s not too cold, just in some areas. The bathroom is very small and super toasty in the winter so that’s good.


Apartman Katruža

Located just to the west of the hilly area of the thermal spa this one-bedroom wooden house offers a budget friendly option for charming cabins in the area. They don’t have a view, but if quiet is what you’re after you won’t be disappointed.

Holiday Home Lena

Three bedrooms with eight beds makes this a place to go with plenty of people looking to have a fun weekend. This house is near Sveti Juraj making it only about ten to fifteen minutes to the Life Spa.

Wine and Relax Sveti Martin na Muri is a two-bedroom log cabin with views and a charming outside kitchen area.


This three-bedroom house has a sauna, pool and hot tub. We planned a stay here in early spring 2021, but we were told that guests must heat their own hot tub with wooden logs and then manage it themselves, so we decided not to stay there. The property is beautiful, but I’m not sure how full service they are, they were quite rude when we were planning for our stay. Their view is a sunset view facing on my favorite hill, totally beautiful.

Villa Magnolia

This new 2021 cabin is a one-bedroom cozy cabin with views of the distant lake. We were going to stay but went to another place instead.


This wooden house is on the side of the hill only walking distance from the thermal spa. They have a pool and hot tub. I never stayed here because they are anti pets. No pets allowed unfortunately.

There are plenty of options for a cozy stay in Sveti Martin area. Come for a week, or weekend and enjoy all the comforts of luxury, or a cozy little cabin with a view. For more about Sveti Martin read 10 Things to do in Sveti Martin na Muri Winter, Sveti Martin Thermal Spa and Medimurje County. Subscribe for more posts about traveling Croatia. Have a lovely day.