The Top Ten Day Trips from Split Croatia Exploring Hidden Gems and Coastal Delights

The vibrant city of Split, Croatia is a fantastic place to stay, there is so much to do in and around Split, and it’s also centrally located for visiting some great places in Croatia. From charming islands to historical sites and natural wonders, these destinations offer every traveler a diverse range of experiences. Whether you have just a day or a few nights to spare, these short journeys will be perfect for your Croatian adventures and unforgettable memories.

Brač Island – Visit Supetar and Zlatni Rat for a delightful day trip, just a short ride away, the port town of Supetar welcomes visitors with scenic charm and an inviting atmosphere. Stroll around the old town and explore the local culture. Take a local bus to Bol, home to the renowned Zlatni Rat beach, known as the Golden Horn. This unique coastline formation is a must-visit spot for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. Read more about Brač, The Hidden Jewel of Brač Island, and the Blaca Hermitage.


Šolta Island – Discover the allure of the small, picturesque island of Šolta, a short thirty-minute fast ferry ride from Split, or if you are taking your car, the big ferry takes fifty-five minutes. Šolta is famous for its delicious honey, particularly the distinct flavor of rosemary honey. I use rosemary honey for cooking; it adds the perfect sweetness to dishes calling for honey. It’s also amazing on cheese. Take your time to explore the hilly port town of Stomorska, for tranquility and natural beauty. Read more about The Ultimate Guide to Šolta

Omiš – A short bus or car ride south of Split will lead to one of my favorite Croatian towns. Omiš is nestled between mountains, rivers, and the sea. Stroll around the old stone town, visit the breathtaking fortress perched on the cliffs, and embark on a boat ride up the river. Omiš offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and historic attractions. If you like hiking, come early in the morning to hike up to Starigrad Fortress. I recommend you allow three hours to get there, take pictures and enjoy the view. We went around eleven in the morning and were roasted walking back. The views are amazing! Read more about Omiš.

Klis – Fortress and Eco-Tourism Village is a 26-minute drive from Split, Klis is a perfect choice for an afternoon getaway. The Klis Fortress has captivating views, and this is one of the famous fortresses used in filming The Game of Thrones series. Adjacent to the fortress, the Eco-Tourism Village offers an immersive experience with its guided tours and a delightful lunch. Take advantage of the olive museum and the opportunity to explore unique Dalmatian products at Stella Croatica.

Kastela – Are coastal towns just north of Spilt, a collection of seven charming towns near offering beautiful beaches, old buildings, excellent restaurants, and enchanting alleyways. Enjoy the laid-back beach and soak up the coastal charm during your day trip. There is also a great dog beach with lots of parking available even during the busy summer months.

Trogir – Visit Trogir for its charming old stone town and Riva. Trogir is located near Split Airport, about thirty-four minutes north of Split. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site that deserves a day trip to walk around. Explore the enchanting old town, wander along the picturesque Riva promenade, and indulge in the local cuisine. With its distinct charm and fewer crowds than Split, Trogir provides a delightful escape into history and culture. The fortress is also very cool!

Solin – Include Solin in your itinerary to discover Croatia’s most significant archaeological park. This historic site was once the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, and it offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Apart from ruins and history, Solin provides a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, diving, paintball, tennis, and even a thrilling zip line experience. Take a leisurely walk along the Jadro River and visit the oldest shrine devoted to Mary in Croatia, located on St. Mary’s Isle.

Makarska – Located just a short 37-mile trip from Split, Makarska boasts stunning beaches and a captivating mountain backdrop, offering an ideal setting for hiking enthusiasts. The most famous of adventures in Makarska is walking on the Biokova SkyWay and mountain tour, whether by car or getting a seat on the Tuk Tuk Tour, for a unique experience.

Baska Voda – With its aquarium, seashell museum, charming St. Nikole church by the waterfront, and exciting Go Kart track, Baska Voda is a fantastic destination for a day trip with children. Enjoy the family-friendly attractions and spend a fun-filled day in this small town just 47 miles south of Split.

Rajčica Rimski Bunari – For nature enthusiasts, a short 21-mile drive from Split leads to Rajčica Rimski Bunari. Discover the ten stone wells in a picturesque green valley and encounter wild horses in this serene setting. Over 1000 years old, these wells served as a water source for livestock and even swimming pools for local children. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and experience a tranquil escape.

Split is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding areas on exciting day trips. From island hopping to Croatian historical sites and natural wonders, these destinations offer diverse experiences to suit every traveler’s preference. There is the option to visit Hvar for a day trip, we did it in 2020, but these days speaking in 2023, are so much busier. I would hate to know that you went there and couldn’t do everything. We did the Pakleni Islands and a walk around Hvar as a day trip in 2020. If you would like to do this, message me on Instagram, and I’ll connect you to the best option for this trip. Read more about Split with the Ultimate Guide to Split Croatia and Split Summer Activities