Ultimate Guide to Primošten Activities

Not far from Šibenik and about a forty-five minutes north of the Split airport, the charming town of Primošten will welcome you with its quaint pebble beaches, refreshing deep waters perfect for swimming and an ancient stone town. With its narrow streets and fairytale like buildings with stone roofs, Primošten is among Croatia’s best cities to visit. What was once just a small fishing village is now a fabulous Dalmatian tourist destination offering an abundance of activities suitable for all ages.

About Primošten

Situated on a small peninsula overlooking the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea, Primošten is a charming old town with cobblestone alleys, a lush pine forest, with a beach side hotel right in the center of the town.  Also, beautiful beaches and lots of activities to enjoy!

Where to go

Do not be fooled by the population of less than 3000 inhabitants or the small territory of 36 square miles, Primošten will quickly surprise you with its huge variety of activities and places to visit, which are perfect for the entire family! For tourists with children, there are amusement parks, plenty of areas with activities including water obstacle courses and an aquarium with a zoo in the nearby city of Šibenik. If you are planning a romantic getaway with your significant other, on the other hand, you might want to pay a visit to some of the more secluded beaches in the area and spend the day sunbathing or swimming in the deep blue waters.

Special sightseeing

The history buffs will be impressed by the special sightseeing options around the small village of Primošten. Rising at more than 17 meters, Our Lady of Loreto Statue is one of the most iconic monuments. Not only will you be able to learn more about the history of the statue and its significance as a representation of the Virgin Mary, the tree of life and two hearts portraying the birth of Jesus, but you will also get to admire the beautiful scenery from the top of the hill. There is definitely a bit of a hike up to reach the monument, however, this is among the most popular Catholic destinations in Croatia and combined with the incredible views, it is definitely worth the effort!

As you are strolling down and exploring the narrow picturesque alleys of the old town, you will eventually find yourself admiring the charming little stone Church of St. George dating all the way back to the 15th Century. Make sure to pass by the Old Town Gate as well, which is exceptionally scenic during dusk, when illuminated with sparkling yellow lights for an extra special feel.

If you are a wine lover, you will be surprised to hear that in the small village of Primošten, you can find more than 18 acres of fabulous rolling vineyards protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Find the narrow dirt paths starting from the Kremik marina and take a closer look at the vineyards. You will find it difficult to believe that some of these are over 500 years old.

If you are looking for something authentic and traditional, yet extraordinary and unique make sure to pay a visit to Primošten at the beginning of August when The Donkey race takes place. Racers from across the country gather together trying to get their donkeys to cross the finish line first. This traditional event will guarantee you a day filled with laughter and enjoyment!

Activities in Primošten

It is not just the history and authentic vibe of the village, which makes people from all over the world to flock to Primošten. It is the wide range of activities to try and experience as well. You can find more information about some of my favorite activities in Primošten below.

  • Taking a boat trip to Krka, or Kornati National Park is one of the best ways to experience the nearby marine life. Spend the day swimming and enjoying the beach, as these sorts of picturesque spots are rare in Croatia. The only other place I know of where you can walk into the sea as easily is in the city of Split.
  • If you are looking for an even closer encounter with the marine species, you would definitely want to head towards Pogo Diving Center. Choose between snorkeling or scuba diving, take an entire course or book a private excursion. The options are endless and their approach is extremely flexible and suitable for people from all different age groups or skill levels.

Situated along the Adriatic coast, Primošten allows visitors to have easy access to the remarkable nearby islands. Rent a boat and head towards Maslinovic, Smokvica Vela or Lukovnjak islands for a real adventure!  Most of them are uninhabited, without many facilities, however, they are all perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming in the sea and just enjoying the peace and quiet of the area.

  • The small island of Smokvica is definitely my favorite. It is so close that you can even paddle board or kayak there. Swimming might be a bit difficult if you are not experienced, however, if you are up for the adventure, you can challenge yourself to make it all the way there by just swimming.  Please always be mindful of the weather conditions, as well as your abilities.
  • Once you are tired of adventuring around the area, take a slow walk along the shore on the flat pathway that goes from the Gradska Plaža Beach to Grebaštica. The views are absolutely beautiful along the way and it is especially pleasant at dusk as the sun is setting behind the horizon and the Adriatic breeze is refreshing the night sky. Make sure to stop at Bau Bar on the way for a special drink in a cool stone beach bar with a laid-back relaxing vibe.

Tips when visiting Primošten:

  • With a total population of less than 3000 people, this is a tourist town where activities are only available during the summer months. If you are planning on traveling during the off season in the area it might be better considering the larger nearby town of Šibenik.
  • Speaking about Primošten being a tourist destination, one of the best tips is to book your trip well in advance. You definitely want to plan everything and make reservations in advance, as this is one of the busiest towns I have seen while exploring Croatia. It can get extremely packed in the summer months, so keep this in mind when making your travel plans.
  • As with many other places across Croatia, it would be a good idea to bring water shoes. The area does not have sea urchins to step on, however, most of the beaches are covered with pebbles, which can still hurt the feet when walking on them.

Which Primošten activities did you make a note of and would you like to try first? Let me know in the comments below!

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