Ultimate Guide to Rogoznica

Located at the heart of Dalmatia, the little Croatian town of Rogoznica is known for its picturesque harbor, the inviting Dragon Eye Lake and the quaint old town. Many see Rogoznica Croatia just as a family paradise destination, however, it also attracts the young at heart with some great party spots. Regardless if you are dreaming of spending the long sunny days relaxing by the pretty little beaches or if you are an active individual looking forward to biking for hours along the coastal promenade, Rogoznica is calling your name! Read more to plan your travel.

About Rogoznica

Situated in the Šibinik Knin region, many consider the village of Rogoznica as the heart of the Dalmatia. The little town is just thirty minutes South of Šibinik and only 55 kilometers North of Split along the coastal highway, which also makes Rogoznica a fantastic choice of a day trip if you are pressured by time.

While families are drawn by what is known as the safest bay on the Adriatic Ocean, the younger crowd loves to explore the streets along the coast lined with hipster bars and restaurants. The adventure seekers, on the other hand, head straight to the Dragon Eye Lake, which is perfect for swimming and water sports.

Where to go

From the popular Dragon’s Eye Lake to the little church of Saint Nicholas, there are a few places worth adding to your itinerary when visiting Rogoznica. Keep reading to learn more!

Special Sightseeing

The first item on the special sightseeing section is definitely the Dragon’s Eye Lake. The inviting warm waters of the lake are perfect for swimming, whereas the dramatic cliffs surrounding it are ideal if you are a thrill-seeker, looking for a little water adventure!  Besides the interesting form of the lake, which was formed after cave destruction, the colorful waters of the lake are quite intriguing as well. It is believed that there are multiple layers of water, which results in the continuous changes of colors. The surface in the middle looks yellow, but it is surrounded by beautiful blue outskirts of the water!

The picturesque coastal promenade of Rogoznica should definitely be on top of your itinerary. You can choose between just going for a little walk or renting a bike and going for a peaceful ride along the coast. The trail is truly spectacular as you are surrounded by a deep pine forest on one side and the crystal-clear blue waters of the sea on the other. Make sure to take your time, stop as many times as you want and find the little secret spots along the way for a quick refreshing swim!

No trip to Rogoznica would be complete without exploring the old town of Rogoznica. Standing proud and tall above the narrow streets, visitors will find the 14th century Gothic-style Saint Nicholas church. Make sure to first admire the incredible panoramic view, before you take a step inside as well.

What to do

Rogoznica might seem fairly small at first, but once you dive into the surrounding, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of things you can do. With a large number of biking trails, one of the best ways to explore the area is by bike. Most of the cycling routes will take you through picturesque little villages and will offer you spectacular views of the endless turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea!

If you are ready to take on a new hobby and you love the waters, why not go on a diving adventure. Make sure to contact Deep Blue Diving and they can either schedule a private class for you, take you on a fantastic underwater tour, which feels like a museum in the sea!


By far one of the best ways to spend your time in Rogoznica is exploring the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Rent a boat for a day and sail away! Kornati islands, Tisno, Šibenik and Primošten. The Kornati archipelago is not too far to the North and it is a fantastic quiet spot to explore with its numerous secluded islands and hidden beaches and coves.

Once the sun sets, be ready for a night adventure! There are numerous bars lined along the coast offering delicious summer cocktails. The Admiral Disco and Aurora Nightclub, on the other hand, are the places for the ones, who want to spend the hours until sunrise dancing.

Shopping in Rogoznica

If you are planning a shopping spree, you might be disappointed. Rogoznica only has a handful of shops. While the Marina Frapa Resort can offer you the best option for beachwear or cute summer dresses, I strongly suggest just taking a stroll down the little streets of the village. What makes shopping special in Rogoznica are all the small local souvenir shops, markets or even just street vendors. No better way to become a sustainable traveler than supporting the locals!

Where to Stay

Rogoznica is often considered a day trip destination. If you decide that you would like peace and quiet and want to explore the area further, you might be also wondering where to stay in Rogoznica. The Marina Frapa resort would be your best bet if you are looking to treat yourself to a more luxurious type of holiday. If you would like to stay on a budget, though, make sure to check Airbnb as there are multiple private apartments spread throughout the city.

Where to Eat

While not situated in Rogoznica, the famous Šarićevi Dvori deserves your attention. This famous Mediterranean restaurant is just a ten-minute drive away. With a strong focus on agritourism, you will find a fantastic menu full of traditional Croatian and Dalmatian dishes.

If you would prefer to stay more central to Rogoznica, you might want to stop by Antonio Restaurant. Guests are always impressed by the wide variety of fish items on the menu, which are already fresh and cooked to perfection!

Thanks to its convenient location, Rogoznica is a perfect choice for a day trip. If you would like to experience how the locals live and escape the tourists’ crowds in Split for a few hours, the fishing village of Rogoznica might be the best choice for you!


Most of the little beaches are not dog friendly, but on the other side of Marina Frapa there are plenty of beaches to choose from that are dog friendly.

Bring water shoes because those little stones will hurt the feet.