Ultimate Primošten Guide

Situated along the Adriatic Sea, Primošten is a charming Croatian town which was once a fishing village. With an old town of stone and great beaches make this a tourist hot spot. Conveniently positioned just twenty-five minutes south of the town of Šibenik and forty-five minutes north of Trogir and the Split airport. Primošten is made up of two peninsulas characterized by a winding pebble beach covered coast. If you have decided to add the heart of Croatia to your travel itinerary, keep reading.

History of Primošten

In the past, the village of Primošten was located on an islet close to the mainland. During the Turkish invasions in 1542, though, the locals protected the small town with fortified walls, a tower and a drawbridge connecting the islet to the continental part. That is also when the town was named after the Croatian verb “primostiti” meaning to bridge over. During the 2010s, the mayor had pebbled beaches erected around the islet of Sv. Juraj.

Once you step outside the ancient stone town, you will be welcomed by the endless scenery of vineyards and olive trees decorating the sides of the rolling hills. The Babić vines surrounded by stone walls create an interesting appearance of perfectly organized mazes when looked at from afar.

Where to go

Are you looking to dive straight into the history and traditions of Primošten, then keep reading as I am sharing the best places to see, and activities to try around the city below!

Special sightseeing

There are very few occasions when you hear about vineyards protected by UNESCO. Primošten, however, is an exception, which many wine enthusiasts will be excited about. Located just 3 km south of the city center, tourists can pay a visit to the site of Bucavac Veliki. The beautiful vineyards preserved by UNESCO cover a total territory of 184,000 square meters and have been divided into 56 zones separated by stone walls. These special walls are used not only to mark the different territories, but also to protect the grapes from the harsh winds and fire.

What is unique and extraordinary about the vines in this area, is their history dating all the way back to the Illyrians in the 8th century BC. Throughout the years, Greeks and Romans have been inhabiting the region, but the vineyards have always been part of the heritage. During the 7th century CE, Croats finally settled the area and renewed the vineyards so that wine making became their main source of income.

What to see

If you visit Primošten at the beginning of August, you will witness one of the funniest and most extraordinary events you have ever seen. The summer donkey race that takes place in  August is traditional to this region of Croatia. People from all over the country gather together in Primošten to participate in the donkey race, which is so enjoyable that will guarantee you a day filled with smiles and laughter. It is certainly a must-see, especially if you want to get the real authentic feel of the area.

What to do

There is more than beautiful rolling vineyards and funny summer events to this region of Croatia. Despite being a relatively small village, Primošten has a wide range of activities to experience.

Start your day by getting lost in the narrow alleys of the old town. Stop by some of the most iconic attractions, such as the Old Town Gate and the Church of St George.

Go on a little shopping spree and explore the lovely galleries spread across the town. The olive wood home décor pieces are truly spectacular and definitely worth considering as a little souvenir from your trip to Primošten.

As the sun is about to set, head towards the walkway by the shoreline. Take a slow stroll and enjoy the peaceful scenery. Not only is it a pedestrian-only promenade, but it is also dog-friendly so feel free to take your furry friends for the trip!

As you head for dinner, choose one of the small local restaurants by the walkway or in the old city center. Make sure to check out the most authentic Croatian dishes and accompany them with the famous Babić wine. Despite being red wine, it has a juicy, smooth flavor which is not too heavy, suitable for drinking during the summer.

For even more information about the best activities to try in the area check my ultimate guide to Primošten activities.

Where to stay

As one of the busiest tourist destinations in Croatia, you can be sure to find an abundance of accommodation options in Primošten, but you should start researching well in advance! I would suggest either staying in an apartment in the city center for the old town feel, or somewhere along the hills for some of the most amazing views you could experience in Croatia. Keep in mind that parking in the center is 12 Kuna an hour which adds up pretty fast,  so make sure wherever you are staying offers parking.  Those of you who prefer to be closer to the water can choose between the 3-star Hotel Zora, or the budget-friendly option of Camp Adriatic which is a campground for motorhomes or tents. If you have decided to treat yourselves to a more luxurious holiday, you can also choose the Golden Rays Luxury Resort, which however, is slightly outside of the city.

Where to eat

It might be just a small town, but Primošten will surprise you with its huge choice of fantastic restaurants to explore. For a romantic dinner, head to Oaza Jelinjak as they have some of the best views in the area. When making plans you must book in May, or June before the summer, otherwise there are no tables left, they are very busy and they tend to stop taking reservations in July. You must message them on Facebook, or Instagram @oazajlinjak.

The lovely family restaurant Šarićevi Dvori is also an excellent choice, especially if you would like to try some authentic meals. Everything is homemade with recipes passed from one generation to another!

Those of you looking for seafood meals in the center, should definitely stop by Konoba Joso where the chef is also a fisherman, we absolutely loved the calamari, perfectly grilled and stuffed with ham and cheese.

Restaurant Kamenar is a casual fine dining restaurant with fantastic selections like prosciutto stewed octopus and grilled sea bass with lemon foam, we enjoyed it.

N’ ardin Sushi, Wine, Cheese, Ham, Truffle and Olive oil bar the only sushi in town and it’s good. Creative, fresh and flavorful. Their ham is also yummy.  

Santa Marina is up the hill a bit, so great view, they serve traditional food that’s good, but I wasn’t happy with the risotto (they used regular rice!) and the lobster was slightly overcooked, other than that it was good and the view amazing.

For some wine, ham and cheese try Prgin Winery the wine maker has been perfecting his Babić for years and the rosé is also good, he makes this rosé wine with Babić grapes.  

If you are looking for the perfect morning frappe, on the other hand, pay a visit to Camel Café. For something refreshing in the afternoon, the ice cream at Slastičarnica Miki is the best in town. There are several options, but not really any special ice cream in this town.

Top Tips when Visiting Primošten:

  • Do not forget to bring water shoes! Just because there are beaches does not mean your feet will not need them. This refers to almost all beaches in Croatia.
  • It would be a shame if you have been to Primošten without spending a day in the waters! Plan some exciting and thrilling water adventures – there are many to choose from.
  • Make plans including all reservations and bookings in advance as this town is packed all summer long. I think after 2021 reservations will need to be made 6 months, to a year in advance.

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