Upstate NY Niagara Falls and Buffalo

Niagara Falls and Buffalo New York

Niagara Falls is the honeymoon destination of the north eastern United States. It’s a major national tourist destination in the summer and spring months. The massive falls are unforgettable, but in my normal fashion, my first trip to Niagara was during winter when few tourists can be seen. Non-touristy times are great for seeing a place, walking around and getting fantastic pictures of icy snow-covered falls is a plus. There is parking everywhere and plenty of space to drive around without the burden of sitting in traffic. My brother and I went to Niagara and Buffalo in 2018 to visit a ferret.

In 2015 I decided to move to Europe. I didn’t want to stress out my two aging rescue ferrets with the long flight. I did a lot of research to find the right home for them, some people were closer to my grandmother in Pennsylvania, or closer to New York City, but I didn’t know anyone who could vouch for them. I finally left the ferrets with a friend of a friend in Buffalo back in September of 2015. In the winter of 2018 I made to visit because I needed to see Disco, the rescue ferret I had since she was a kit because she was getting to be an old lady and might not last much longer. It was a nice visit cuddling on the couch with Disco.

My brother and I started out our Niagara exploring at Goat Island for the waterfall view. Most of the view point area was covered with ice, but we had some space to walk without being splashed by cold water. We took a couple pictures and let the dogs run around before we hopped back into the car and went to explore the little town a bit.

Another perk of the winter trip to Niagara is that the restaurants aren’t all packed up with tourists. While in the home of buffalo chicken wings we had to try them. Also, Buffalo is known for amazing pizza. The wing options are fantastic! The ferret’s caretaker ordered many options for us to try at her home when we came to visit.

The average temperature in Niagara Falls’ during December is 21 degrees F / -6 C. The Wanderlust blog has some great things to do from a local’s perspective.