Where in the World to go? Budapest

Budapest has recently become a very popular tourist spot for all age groups. The young love the party scene and loads of fun bars and breweries, families love the fun adventures including a cool zoo, and quirky tours and the old enjoy the easy-to-walk streets and relaxing in spa services throughout the city, of course, everyone loves the Budapest thermal spa. If you haven’t been to Budapest, or it has been a few years then it’s time to get back to this Hungarian city for a new adventure in Budapest.

What to do in Budapest:

Danube river sightseeing, we took a duck tour which was lots of fun! Riverride picked us up near the Four Seasons then drove across the city before driving into the river where the tour finishes on the water. It was very cool; kids would love it!  Another option is a riverboat dinner cruise, there are romantic and singles options for dinner while cruising along the Danube. There are even senior cruises.

Beerbus for a tour of the city while drinking, we saw lots of people doing this and it looks very fun. If drinking while touring isn’t your speed, then check out one of the many breweries in the city. We love Parabolic Lázárus Brewery across from the Hilton Garden Inn, Beer Brothers, First Craft Beer, and BBQ, great beers! Ruin Brew has a great atmosphere and fantastic beer. Mixát is a cool place with a great variety and quality beers, Gravity Brewing is a must-visit. My favorite cherry beer was at a tourist trap langos restaurant called Langosh and Goulash Bar, the langos was not good, microwaved, looks great, but obviously prepared earlier then microwaved to be heated up.

Szimpla Kert for a fun place to hang out, have some drinks and explore the wacky rooms. My dogs love this place, it’s so fun and often has live music.

Halászbástya also known as the Fisherman’s Bastion, the views from here are awesome! It’s on the Buda side of the city, across the river, while over there check out the palace and the beautiful views of Parliament.

Heroes Square is typically a stop along any tour, with really cool giant statues.

Varhegy (fantastic view of the whole of Budapest)

Central Market Hall is Budapest`s largest indoor market with a variety of food stalls including fresh vegetables, meats, and wine, I love the cans of goose pâté, always super good. They also have leather goods and lots of souvenirs. It’s simple to walk along the pedestrian streets to get to the market and then back to the main shopping areas. You can also easily take the metro anywhere in the city.


Terme Szechenyi medical services include carbonated baths, massages, sauna sessions, and a beer spa.

Where to Eat

Budapest offers many fantastic restaurants, both casual and fine dining. A must-try is Trófea Grill Étterem, where they have all-you-can-eat options with enormous food offers, this famous restaurant has everything on offer. All the Hungarian specialties, excellent soups, and lots of international options.

Be cautious of salad in Hungary though, they put sugar on their salads so if you’re put off by sweet salad it’s best to stay clear, stick to making your own lettuce mixture or ask for your salad to not have anything on it.

VII Kerület is an eclectic district with lots of good eats, for street food, there is a section with food trucks called Karaván, try those langos burgers, so good.

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