Where to Eat Caye Caulker

Dreaming of Belize? Making plans for a trip? Belize is fantastic; there are so many wonderful places to visit, and Caye Caulker is one of the best of them. This laid-back island has both the Caribbean vibe and gastronomy on check. I’m obsessed with lobster and stone crab, and both are readily available in Caye Caulker for fantastic prices. The conch fritters and fresh fish are best in Belize! We have outlined the best places to eat in Caye Caulker and what their best offers are. 

Caye Caulker is one of those places I miss whenever I’m feeling stressed or tired. The island and its charming Caribbean town of the same name vibrate with relaxation. Memories of being a kid and young adult lounging on hammocks under the coconut palms bring me the tranquil feeling I need, especially during cold, wet winter months in Slovenia. When I visited Caye Caulker in 2023, I was surprised at how much the town has grown and all the new restaurants. Many were still the same, but to see so many new ones was a treat to explore. Of course, we had to try them all! These are our favorites, and I included some of my favorite things to eat there. My mom is in Caye Caulker every other month. She lives in San Pedro, only a thirty-minute cruise away by ferry. 

Maggie’s Sunset 

Maggie’s Sunset is a laid-back wooden restaurant with outside seating up against the mangroves on the lagoon side of the island. Casual dining in a laid-back atmosphere. Grilled fish, lobster, and fantastic rice and beans are guaranteed to please. They offer a fantastic 2-for-1 happy hour, a great place, good food, and a fabulous sunset. We took some stunning sunset pictures from the dock that leads to the outside seating area. The restaurant is located right off the main street near the local Guys BBQ. 

Hibiscus in town 

Hibiscus is in Caye Caulker town; it is owned by the same owners as Blue Zen Hotel. Hibiscus is a fine dining restaurant with all the seafood creations that people return for again and again. We were told their Stone Crab is one of the main reasons to eat at Hibiscus. 

Wish Willy’s

Wish Willy’s is a Caye Caulker icon with fresh catch lobster and many other delicious creations. Wish Willy’s is a quintessential Caribbean casual dining restaurant. They are located on the seaside of the island on a large dock; they are right in the center of all the tourist action, so they are always busy.  

Happy Lobster 

Happy Lobster has been in Caye Caulker for ages, and they have two locations now, the original in town and the new one across the split. The original is casually dining right in the center of town. It’s a great spot for people watching from the front terrace or enjoying a relaxed atmosphere inside. Hogfish and lobster are best here. They also have good conch fritters made the old-fashioned way.  

Il Pelicano 

Il Pelicano is a cozy Italian restaurant with inside and charming patio seating. They are just a quick walk away from the main part of Caye Caulker Town. More mid-level dining, a cute place to dress up for, and take some Instagrammable pictures outside on their cozy patio. 

Sunset Pelican 

The best Happy Hour is 4 to 5 pm. They are near town but on the lagoon side. The sunsets here are phenomenal! The food is good; their coconut rice is fantastic! Made the right way. Seafood is fantastic and served under their palapa. 

Paradiso Cafe 

Happy Hour 2 to 4 pm, we didn’t come here, but my mom’s friend recommended we add them to the list.  

Smooth Salad Bar

 Fresh juice and wonderful salads near Atlantic bank 

Caribbean Colors

 Vegan options with a wonderful fresh menu near Tropical Paradise resort 

Shado Beni 

A new Caribbean Tapas Lounge in the center of town 

Fantasy Dining 

They have been family run and here for ages. Lobster and great stone grab covered in butter. 


Ice and Bean’s 

The best coffee on the island. Punta Gorda coffee brewed by the sea, plenty of breakfast options, smoothie bowls, bagels, and new delicious muffins. I mention them in the Belize Coffee Production post. 

Errolyn’s House of Fry jacks 

Fry jacks are fried tortilla dough that’s been cut through the middle, fried, and then stuffed with bacon, egg and cheese, beans and stew chicken, ham and cheese, eggs and cheese, or everything. Then, topped with a little of her homemade hot sauce for the perfect combination of soft, crispy, and delicious beyond measure. I will gain pounds from eating too many of these, but it’s worth it. 

Namaste Café

Vegan restaurant with nice juices and breakfast options. 

The Magic Cup

The Magic Cup is a new breakfast place right on the beach side. It’s a restaurant serving a nice breakfast as well as panini sandwiches for lunch and even pasta selections for dinner. Their desserts look delicious, including cakes and cheesecakes. All their selections are prices for budget travelers, meaning excellent prices! 

Suggestion Gourmet 

They are south of town, offering French baked goods, great breakfast, and pizza. 


The Lazy Lizard is going to be one of the best places to swim in Caye Caulker. This is a tourist hot spot, so if you want something more low-key, this isn’t the place to go. If you like people and want to eat lobster nachos, then it’s here. If you want to get your hair braided, ask for my friend Miriam, she’s one of my childhood friends who is still living in Caye Caulker. 

Caye Caulker really is the best place to embrace paradise on a day trip, or preferably at least three days. Eat lobster and stone crab and catch one of the people selling delicious cakes out at night. There is plenty to love about relaxing on Caye Caulker, so make sure to try it all. If you need a hotel, make sure to book in advance because during the season, the hotels fill up. There are plenty of budget hotels, mid-range hotels, and luxury hotels to choose from. Subscribe for more travel guides and where-to-eat posts. Have a lovely day.