Where to Stay in Lendava

Lendava is a charming eastern Slovenian town about forty-five minutes east of Maribor, not far from the borders of Hungary, Croatia, and Austria. Lendava has many tourist attractions including beautiful hills where the Lendava Vinarium tower stands above them, a zip line, hiking trails, and lovely views. The rolling hills are covered with vineyards and forests, visitors can sample several different wines and eat the traditional local meat stew called bograč. Explore and walk around the hills then stay in one of the charming accommodations in Lendava.

You can find several accommodations in Lendava, including hotels, cottages, the thermal spa, cute apartments in the hills, and winery guest houses.

There are some accommodations that exceed expectations, one of the best is Hiša vina Cuk, a charming wooden and thatch-roofed hotel on top of the highest part of the Lendava hills, stay in one of their guest rooms in the main house, or in one of the two houses, both with fantastic views. They offer homemade plates and lovely wines from their winery. The owner Eva is very friendly and will make your stay a great time. When ordering sparkling wine, she can open the bottle with a large old saber.

The tourist agency of Lendava offers wooden Houses called Počitniške hiške Murania, where people can stay and have additional services, such as bike rentals (electric, mtb bikes, and road bikes), along with visits to tower Vinarium and zip line. 

For those who like to stay at a hotel, there are 2 options, the Thermal resort Lendava and the modern Hotel Cubis. Thermal resort Lendava was renovated in 2021, it’s a thermal hotel with a spa, pools, massages, and therapies, whereas hotel Cubis offers a hotel with a restaurant, bar, and conference rooms.

If a house is what you’re after then stay in the cutest house Vinum Vidae on

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