Zagreb Craft Bars

While in Zagreb for winter 2019/2020 I met a lovely young woman at the Garden Brewery sausage stand in Advent. Advent is the Christmas celebration which takes over the city for a few months. She introduced me to her sister who introduced me to the beer connoisseur who told me all about the history of Croatian craft breweries and the bars which make them popular. Croatia has about 90 brewers, 75 of them are craft breweries of which a third of them are in Zagreb. Bars like the Craft Room showcase 13 Croatian beers on tap. Scroll down for the Craft Beer Bars that are must see.

Craft brewing in Croatia started around 2013 by beer enthusiasts who were importing British and German craft beers. Some started at-home brewing, Zmajska which means Dragon was the first craft brewery in Croatia and it started in Zagreb. Then Nova Runda came next and has been keeping up with the growing craft trend. Another Zagreb early craft beer trend were brew pubs making pale, amber and dark lager which were only served in their bars. As time progressed they expanded, one of them Medvedgrad (meaning bear town) the name of the castle on the mountain close to Zagreb. Medvedgrad kept the tradition with their beer pub.

In the beginning the most popular craft beers were the American style pale ale and IPA style beers. Today the verities are not lacking because the Croatians are making pilsners, stouts, lagers, sours and many other options to satisfy diverse beer palates.

Garden Brewery makes the most styles, lots of sours and specials. The Craft Room was the first craft bar opened in Zagreb.

Zmajska has a tap room at the Fakin Craft Bar which is a pub restaurant style with 20 taps and big wooden tables. Started off with goulash, meat and now with burgers and finger food.



Vlaška ul. 68, 10000, Zagreb

Hop in Craft Beer Bar

Dubravkin trg 3, 10000, Zagreb

Caffe Bar Kvart

Đurđevačka ul. 1, 10000, Zagreb


Ul. Rudolfa Bićanića 12, 10000, Zagreb

X Bar

Nova cesta 100, 10000, Zagreb

Goblet Beer Store ZG

Stupnička ul. 14, 10000, Zagreb

Beer Shop to buy

Spicy Days

Ilica 174, 10000, Zagreb