Zagreb for shopping

Zagreb is a fun city for shopping; there are several shopping malls housing the main European and American brands, an outlet and lots of shops in the city. It’s always my preference to find the regional, or locally made products; hats, leather gloves and rubber boots are some of the fantastic products to find while shopping in Zagreb.

When I first come to a new city I don’t swoon over the museums, or tourist areas. I start my exploring on the side streets in a main shopping area. I find that the cool shops are usually a bit off the main street. ul. Nikole Tesle, Masarykova ul and Trg J. Jelačića are the main shopping areas of the old city, in-between these streets are some good finds. My favorites in the city of Zagreb are listed by category:

Handmade hats:


Trg Petra Preradovića 1, 10000, Zagreb

Truly beautiful women’s hats made with artistry in mind-they are exquisitely made. When you have the desire to play dress up then come for an hour, or more for some upscale and midrange hats.


Heinzelova ul. 2A, 10000, Zagreb

Handmade men’s and women’s hats. He has more men’s hats than women’s, but there are plenty of women’s hats to try on. He makes them himself using traditional methods which make this shop a must visit. I have several of his hats and can’t get enough. He’s also very reasonable.

Salon šešira i kapa Cahun

Vlaška ul. 59, 10000, Zagreb

Lovely hats for men and women. They have more variety than the previous two. There are even fishermen style hats which I just tried out for the first time- I’m trying the trend.


Melissa Clube rubber shoes from Italy

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There are a lot of handmade shops selling shoes and too many other shoe stores to mention. Croatian cities have more selection for shoes than I’ve ever seen.


Coats and Jackets:


Vlaška 6, Zagreb 10000

This designer boutique features structural coats and jackets made of quality fabrics and style. The coats are exquisite.

Right next to Delight there is a handmade shoe store

 Varteks & više

Slavonska avenija 11d, 10000, Zagreb

Lovely coats and clothes for tall women. I have found lots of options long enough which is always exciting for me. I’m 6’1 (183cm)

Orange Point

Masarykova ul. 20


Viljevac design

Dežmanova ul. 4, 10000, Zagreb

Lovely dresses


Parfumerija Lana niche perfumery

Ilica 25, 10000, Zagreb

This is where I buy Philip B haircare


Dežmanov prolaz 2, 10000, Zagreb

Very cool infusers from artisans. I buy the Laundress laundry care from this shop. It’s also a great street because this is also where you can find a few other cool shops.


Ulični Ormar

Jurišićeva ul. 16, 10000, Zagreb

A fantastic vintage store tucked away inside a courtyard. This place always has a cool find; shoes, bags and clothes for both men and women.

Mango Sticky Rice Vintage

Ul. kneza Ljudevita Posavskog 15, 10000, Zagreb

Dog Shopping:

Das Pas

Tomašićeva 5 Zagreb

My favorite dog fashion in Zagreb. All handmade and lovely with great quality.

Capa Pet Bistro

Masarykova ul. 19, 10000, Zagreb

Cookies, treats and great quality hoodies and jackets

Pet Secret

Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 80, 10000, Zagreb


They have grooming and paw care products. We use the shampoo for whitening to keep Onawa’s blond hair from getting brassy, or off colored. This purple shampoo is fantastic for white and blond pets. The products smell great too.



They have it all, foods, tea, local gin and other fun gifts to bring home.

Umbrellas Cerovecki

Ilica 49, 10000, Zagreb

This umbrella store has the coolest umbrellas and rain jackets. Love it! The whole city uses their umbrellas and awnings for markets. I love how unified the red umbrellas make the city.

British Square (Britanski trg) has fantastic antiques and fun wares to look at.

Due to the earthquakes I’m not writing this in Zagreb. I was there for Advent 2020, I didn’t get a chance to see my favorite glove maker. I saw him in the summer and purchased a few lovely gloves, but time didn’t allow me to go back this time. I’ll add his details the next time I’m in the city, unfortunately that won’t be until after all the earthquakes subside. Zagreb is a lovely city filled with resilient people, I know they will pull through from these hardships.