onawa zagreb

Zagreb is for dogs

Zagreb is a fantastic city for dogs. The city is perfect for walking and everyone is walking their dog throughout the city at any time of the day. During Advent there are even more people walking their dogs than normally- it’s a dog party.

 Small and medium sized dogs are invited almost everywhere: cafes, restaurants and bars invite dogs to join their human companions. The city has several parks and fun activities for dogs. All dogs are allowed in trams, on buses and in many taxis, as well as Uber and Bolt ride shares. When selecting a ride share, or taxi let them know you have a dog to be sure they will be ok with it. Dogs are can even walk in shopping malls and stores.

During Advent the activities around the city allow dogs, some even have doggy treats for Christmas. Onawa loves to party so she enjoys the loud exciting areas where people are eating and dancing. There is a lot going on over Advent so it’s not the time for shy dogs.

Dog friendly accommodation can be found in several Booking apartments, or in one of the three Hilton brand hotels. We like the Hilton Garden Inn best for their fantastic hospitality and the nice walking areas outside the hotel.

The dog bakery Capa Pet Bistro sold snacks and meals during advent. Their store can be found at Masarykova ul. 19, 10000, Zagreb

Only a tram ride away on the 14 and a bus ride up to Sljeme there is snowy mountain for dogs to run and play and plenty of hiking trails to explore.

When you come visit Zagreb be sure to bring your dog and have lots of fun. Visit Zagreb has more details of pet friendly places.