Travel, Leisure and Food

Thank you for stopping by, I’m Sarah, an American/ Belizean who has been traveling Europe full time since 2016. I travel where my heart leads me while working remotely. I’m in technology sales and solutions architecture in New York, but I work and live in different countries for a few weeks, or months at a time. My loves are people, architecture and food. I share tips and trips, where to go, what to eat, drink and see while there. I’m in the Balkan region, it’s my favorite region in Europe. If you’re planning your next vacation consider this region for the great food, friendly people, fantastic rural adventures and charming cities. 

I’ll share some great restaurants, cafes, local social hangouts and recipes I’ve created and learned while living in the most amazing places. I blog about travel, both high and mid budget by writing about food, people and even a dog blog about the dog that travels with me. She’s recently been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, but with medication and lots of soothing words she’s handling the stress of travel just fine.