Relearning Skin care in France

I read that girls in France are taken aside by the women in their family and taught how to care for their skin as a coming of age tradition. For some girls this includes a visit to the dermatologist and even a facial. How amazing this must be for these young girls to grow up knowing what works for them. My mother didn’t understand my skin. She has this perfect skin that never gives trouble. I’m oily most of the year and combination in the winter. The winter months tended to deliver a lot of dry patchiness and peeling no matter how much I exfoliated.

That’s until France.

I learned that my oily skin type requires moisture. I was always told not to moisturize oily still, but that’s not the case. A matt moisturizer keeps the skin soft and comfortable and oil free in the warmer months. A creamy moisturizer keeps my combination skin soft and flake free in the cold months.

A British brand, Acnecide with 5% peroxide treatment cured the cystic acne. I used it for a year and now I don’t need to anymore. I don’t use the same products every day. Some days I need one thing, or another day another. I learned to mix it up and figure out what worked best based on the daily troubles. My everyday serum is SkinCeuticals C E FERULIC is the most amazing product ever! I love it and wish would sell it again because their price was the best! I love the Caudalie beauty elixir all year round. In the summer I use their mattifying moisturizer and in the winter their sorbet cream. I love their Precious Oil in the winter. I put it all over my face, neck and chest before sleeping. The Radiance serum is the best pigment corrector I’ve used so far.

UK peroxide can be found at Boots in the UK, or Acnecide-5% Gel-Benzoyl-Peroxide-30g

Summary of links of favorite French reasonable they ship to the US for free

I’m really in love with Thalgo now too