What to do in San Pedro, Belize

Nestled on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, San Pedro is a slice of paradise with its clear turquoise waters, vibrant marine life, and laid-back Caribbean energy. Whether you’re strolling down sandy beaches, exploring the stunning Belize Barrier Reef, or simply soaking in the sun, San Pedro offers an unforgettable blend of adventure and relaxation. In this guide, we’ll take you along some options for what to do in San Pedro. Do a beach bar crawl from charming Victoria House to the town center, rent a golf cart, and venture north to the El Norte Bar and Grill, explore San Pedro town, and set sail on three must-do boat trips from San Pedro Belize.

Exploring San Pedro Town

Upon arriving in San Pedro town, you’re greeted by a lively atmosphere filled with colorful shops, street vendors, and the rhythmic sounds of Reggae music. Take your time to wander through the streets, explore the local art galleries like Belizean Melody, Belizean Arts, 501, and grab some jewelry from my friend Mirtala at Ambar Jewelry inside of the Black Pearl. Make sure to catch Kurt painting in front of the Transylvania video store.

A Golf Cart Ride to El Norte Bar and Grill

Rent a golf cart and head north to the cut, where you will drive over the bridge and head north to El Norte Bar and Grill. This journey offers a glimpse into the island’s more secluded spots, passing by mangrove forests and quiet beaches. Take a detour to go for a swim at Secret Beach, and then enjoy some stops along your drive to El Norte Bar and Grill, which stands out as a northern beacon of hospitality, offering delicious Belizean cuisine, tropical drinks, and an ambiance that perfectly captures the essence of island life. The drive itself is an adventure, allowing you to experience the island’s natural beauty at your own pace. El Norte reminds me of the old San Pedro, which has friendly chatter amongst strangers, fantastic service, and a calm breeze without all the noise.

Along the way, you can stop at some great bars and restaurants.

Three Unforgettable Boat Trips from San Pedro

  1. Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley – Embark on a snorkeling trip to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, where you’ll swim alongside colorful fish, majestic sea turtles, and curious nurse sharks. Shark Ray Alley offers a unique opportunity to get up close with friendly rays and sharks in their natural habitat. They love belly rubs!
  1. The Great Blue Hole – For the more adventurous, a trip to the Great Blue Hole is a must. This giant marine sinkhole is a world-renowned diving spot known for its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life. Whether you’re diving or flying over it, the view is breathtaking.
  1. Caye Caulker Day Trip – Take a leisurely boat ride to the nearby island of Caye Caulker. With its motto of “Go Slow,” Caye Caulker is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy fresh seafood, and explore the charming streets of this laid-back island.

Beach bar Crawl Victoria House to town.

A Leisurely Walk from Victoria House to San Pedro Town is a fantastic option alongside the sea. I lived in the DFC area outside of San Pedro as a young adult. I would walk the beach to and from San Pedro and always loved the charming beach bars for stopping along the way.

Start the day early by taking a taxi over to Mahogany Bay for a coffee from Rum+Bean; they also have a fantastic chai latte if coffee isn’t your thing. They make their own mix.

Then, walk over to Victoria House, an elegant resort known for its pristine beaches and luxurious ambiance.

  1. Admiral Nelson’s Beach Bar, located on Victoria House Property, has a full menu of delicious treats and a full bar with all the tropical cocktails.  The customer-recommended food on the lunch menu is the Vietnamese Spring Rolls and the Beef Brisket Empanadas. These are starters, but there are also soups, salads, and main courses for lunch. The recommended drinks are the Island stumbler cocktail, which is spiced rum, coconut rum, pineapple, and cranberry juices with a garnish of lime and a pineapple wedge. One of the restaurant’s favorites is their very good classic Mai Tai.

Once you have finished relaxing at Victoria House, make your way towards San Pedro town.

  1. Mata Rocks has a small kitchen and a cute beach bar. It also has two Pickleball courts. Their special drinks are the Margarita and the Mata Colada. The small bites include their special Ceviche with mixed conch, shrimp, and lobster, as well as their creamy stuffed jalapeños.
  1. Alaia Resort has the coconut Mojito, and Ahmahl’s favorite, the Hendricks gin with Lemonade. My favorite bites are the unique taste of lobster coconut ceviche and the seafood platter. 
  1. The Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas offers visitors Miss Hazel’s favorite Bloody Mary with pickled veggies, including dilly beans. The bartender’s favorite is the Shark Bite, which is Caribbean spiced rum, blue curaçao pineapple juice, and ginger ale. Special bites are the deck dip platter, which includes house-made bean dip, sun-dried tomatoes, and jalapeño cheese dip with fresh tomato salsa. Also, try the conch fritters with a special mango dipping sauce.
  1. Ramon’s Village offers their guests a lovely smoothie bar with a lot of choices. The customer’s favorites are The Big Chill with strawberry banana coconut cream and yogurt and the Funky Monkey with banana chocolate and coconut cream.  Pineapples, which is the beach bar’s restaurant, serves only wine and beer. Customers’ favorites are Maison Castel and Landshark beer.  The recommended appetizers are Fried Calamari with marinara, and their yummy cheesy fries are definitely worth trying! Ramon’s has a great swimming spot at the end of their dock, as well as nice beaches and loungers.
  1. Blue Water Grill on the beach is part of the Sun Breeze Hotel; their fantastic drink is their Jalapeño Business, containing cucumber, mint, and lime juice with a garnish of a slice of jalapeño and vodka as the star. The Papa Double has 2 shots of local rum, lime juice, grapefruit juice, and grenadine served on the rocks. The customer’s favorite appetizers are coconut shrimp sticks with sweet chili black bean sauce and the grilled octopus, which is grilled to perfection and served with hummus.
  1. The Chocolate Boutique – As you continue towards town, don’t miss the chance to visit this delightful boutique. Offering a variety of locally made chocolates, it’s a sweet spot to indulge in Belizean cocoa delights. The Chocolate Boutique certainly deserves its place on this walk.  Hot chocolate and the chocolate nib tea for the drinks, and try the chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, or the chocolate torte, and of course, the chocolate cheesecake.  There are many candy bites offered, too! Also, consider the tour that they offer. It’s a good idea to fill up on carbs before trying the rest of the drinks along the way. We still have a ways to go.
  1.  San Pedrana at the iconic Holiday Hotel offers bartender favorites, including the Coconut Mojito and their famous Long Island Ice Tea. Their Chaya dip with flour tortilla chips is an all-time favorite, and Liliana also loves the fabulous stone crab cakes. The Holiday Hotel is also a great breakfast spot; they have nice, big breakfast servings.
  1. Gilly’s Pour House has a real beach bar vibe with a favorite Key Lime Pie Martini made with absolute vodka, coconut cream, orange, lime, and pineapple juice, then topped with Baileys and whipped cream. The Gilly’s Punch is made with coconut, light, and dark rum, orange, pineapple, and cherry juice, then splashed with fresh watermelon juice.  Gilly’s special guacamole is a favorite snack, as well as the lobster fritters; if you are here for the season, make sure to try these. 
  1. The Old Tackle Box has a Basil Cucumber Smash Cocktail and Caribbean-style Moscow Mule. For snacks, try the lobster poppers and the poke tostones.
  1. ZZ Beach Club has cool drinks, including the Jolly Rancher Margarita, which is a mixture of tequila and Jamal’s own special blend. Bryce’s Baileys Colada is their favorite drink. They offer Liz’s favorite, the shrimp tempura rolls, as well as ceviche. Their ceviche mix is prepared with lobster, octopus, and fish prepared at your table.
  1. The Black Pearl used to be my favorite bar, Fidos, back when I was chased out of there for being under 18; it was my party spot when I wasn’t caught. They kept the ambiance and had some fun drinks, including the Passion Fruit Margarita made with passion fruit, lime, triple sec, and your choice of tequila. The Blue Berry Whiskey is made with Makers Mark blueberry, lime juice, simple syrup, and triple sec. For snacks try their calamari and lobster fritters with house tartar sauce.
  1. The Jambel Jerk Pit has the Big Bamboo with Tea de Jamaica and spiced local rum for drinks. It is delicious, and they are also known for their Piña Colada. Jamaican Mi Crazy shrimp and brown stewed ox tail, as well as homemade jerk patties, are their bites.

 Last but certainly not least is

  1. The Palapa Bar right on the dock and built on the water. Drinks include The Watermelonwhatchamacallit, which is watermelon served over crushed ice white rum and coconut rum, and Dive into the Blue Hole, which is Caribbean limeade and a touch of blue curaçao. For bites, try the open-faced jalapeño poppers; also, try the mozzarella sticks and deep-fried pickles.

You can try them all or pick and choose which ones sound the best. Subscribe for more fantastic things to do around the world, local stories, and, of course, good eats. Have a lovely day.